Dr. William Lile


Dr. William Lile The ProLife Doc and Member of the Focus on the Family Physicians Resource Council

Dr. Lile has always had a passion for educating the church about the personhood of the unborn. His expertise in the medical field couple with his bold faith has informed his entire career.

In 1999, Dr. William Lile and a partner bought out the practice of the largest provider of abortion services in Pensacola, Florida. Along with putting an immediate stop to abortion procedures and referrals at the clinic, Lile and his partner included a clause in the contract: the man who at one time had led the area in abortions had to agree to leave the region if he wanted to keep trafficking in abortion.

Upon selling the building, the abortionist had left all of his tools, including a suction machine, exam table with stirrups, curettes, and forceps. Lile and his partner immediately set out to put the tools once used for tearing apart preborn babies to good use for the first time, starting with a simple educational talk for their local church.

His passion for the unborn took on new life as he continued to get more involved in informing the church about the grim realities of abortion. That was the beginning of Lile’s venture into what has become somewhat of a second career, providing education on abortion procedures for the pro-life and Christian communities through speaking appearances, as well as articles and videos, hosted online at ProLifeDoc.org. Using the tools the abortionist had left behind, four of Lile’s simple, non-graphic videos have gained close to a million views combined, topped by his “Abortion Machine Demonstration” video, where he uses an abortion suction machine to crush a steel paint thinner can in seconds.

Seeking to educate the church further, Lile worked with the United States Council of Catholic Bishops to produce “God’s Miracle of Life,” a 60-minute DVD that includes bloodless demonstrations of common abortion procedures and argues for the sanctity of life on scientific, legal, and scriptural grounds.

Lile is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, and former OB/GYN Department Chair at Sacred Heart Hospital. He is licensed to practice medicine in both Florida and Alabama and served as an instructor with both The University of Florida and Florida State Medical School OB/GYN residency programs.  He is also a Medical Advisor of the Florida Human Life Protection Amendment and serves as a member of Focus on the Family's Physicians Research Council.

Dr. Lile is a frequent guest of both television and syndicated radio shows. He is available for seminars to churches, schools, civic organizations, and legislative groups.

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Event Reviews

"Dr. Lile was so personable. He was prepared & passionate about the Topic of Life & it showed in how he communicated. Dr. Lile was very attentive to small details, such as calling me before our event & praying for our event as well. He was an effective communicator and so easy to listen to. He not only presented compelling information, but clearly communicated the Gospel as well, which we were very grateful for. We are SO thankful!"

— Brazos Pregnancy Center Clinic

"Dr. Lile was very enlightening on the Life of a Pre born baby and used simplistic illustrations with a touch of humor. He was enjoyed by all. He knew his material and delivered it with ease. Easy to listen to. I heard Many comments after how they expected him to be boring and medical. They were pleasantly surprised. He was anything but boring."

— Cradle of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center, IA

"Dr. Lile's presentation was extremely dynamic. He was engaging and informative. Our viewers raved about this talk."

— Pregnancy Help Line dba Pregnancy Help Clinic, MI

"Dr. Bill Lile is the best friend that the unborn could ever have." 

— Dr. James Dobson

"Dr. Lile was phenomenal - in all areas! His communication before the event was outstanding and he was in constant contact with me throughout his entire flight. I have never had a speaker so engaged with the work of our center or one that spent as much time as he did with me and our entire staff. His presentation at the banquet was exceptional and our donors are begging me to bring him back next year. He is high energy, extremely knowledgeable and his passion for the preborn evident. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Lile and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch speaker!"

— Life Network Pregnancy Resource Center, IL

"Our church was recently thrilled with Dr Bill Lile’s presentation, 'A patient is a person no matter how small'. His passion, humor, intelligence and experience kept our total attention. We laughed, wept and applauded. Let me whole heartedly recommend Bill and Lesli Lile as deeply personal and genuine in their love for Life and the Creator who gives it."

— Gary Wiggins, Pastor

"We had a record number of new donors pledge or give the night of the Gala. We couldn't be more happy with Dr. Lile. We heard rave reviews from those who attended, as well."

— Brazos Pregnancy Center Clinic, TX

"Dr. William Lile did an excellent job, we heard many very good comments. His presentation was exceptional!"

— Choices Pregnancy Center, MO

"He was genuine and unpretentious. Spoke with authority because he spoke about his personal and professional experience."

— Options for Women Pregnancy Center, NJ


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