Dr. Haywood Robinson


Dr. Haywood Robinson Former Abortionist

Dr. Haywood Robinson has always been driven by helping people live in the healthiest way possible. But when he didn't have a personal relationship with Jesus, he thought that serving others involved performing abortions. His story shows how a relationship with Jesus and knowledge about the medical world can fundamentally change how one views abortion.

During his residency, Dr. Robinson received abortion training while on the obstetrics and gynecology service. Discussion regarding the ethics of these procedures or instruction regarding alternatives was not part of the training. Performing abortion requires so little effort, everyone was doing it, and they didn’t seem to have a problem with it, so why should he? His experience provided the opportunity for him to meet Noreen Johnson, who later would become his wife. As their relationship progressed, “moonlighting” together in abortion clinics was commonplace. Money became a mutual motivator, especially since the pay was substantial and it was quite evident how abortion training could be profitable.

Shortly after marriage and completing their residency programs, Dr. Robinson and Dr. Johnson, came to the saving knowledge of Christ and were soon convicted by God’s word which exposed the living lie they led as hired killers of preborn children. They stopped performing abortions, but continued practicing medicine together until they retired in 2019. Dr. Johnson passed away in August 2021 due to complications from COVID. The book they coauthored, The Scalpel and the Soul: Our Radical Transformation as Husband and Wife Abortion Doctors was released posthumously in June 2023.

Dr. Robinson earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the California Institute of Technology, followed by a Medical Doctor degree at the University of California at Irvine, and a family practice residency at Martin Luther King/Charles R. Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Since his salvation in 1986, Dr. Robinson has been a voice for the pro-life movement. Today, Dr. Robinson shares his testimony worldwide to expose the facts of the abortion industry and to be a voice for the unborn. Dr. Robinson was blessed to find love again. On Valentine’s Day 2023 he and the former Daphne Harris Nicely, LAS were wed. Daphne Robinson is the Founding Executive Director of Atlanta Morning Center (ATLMC), which provides Christ-centered prenatal and postpartum medical care, support, education, and advocacy at no charge for women experiencing healthcare insecurity. Together, Dr. and Mrs. Robinson serve internationally and collaborate in family, life, pregnancy care, abortion recovery, and reconciliation ministry, as well as medical missions. Collectively, they have eight living children, 13 children that have preceded them in death, six grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

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Event Reviews

"Our guests LOVED Dr. Robinson!  He presented applicable and great information.  He had to deal with a rain down-pour on a metal roof and handled it beautifully!  We would definitely recommend him!"

— True Options Pregnancy Center

"Dr. Robinson’s testimony encouraged our attendees with the power of God in transforming an individual on the front lines of the culture of death into a vessel of His grace advocating for the life of the unborn.  His excitement in telling our audience of his office now being in a building that formerly was an abortion facility enlightened them to know that the battle is not lost."

— Pregnancy Ministries, Inc.


  • Former Abortionists Turned Pro-Life Advocates: 7.48 min

  • Dr Haywood Robinson | Former Abortion Doctor Has A Change Of Heart: 6.13 min

  • Do Doctors Do Abortions Because They Care About Women?: 5.92 min

  • Dr. Haywood Robinson: 29.08 min




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