Bruce and Serena Dyksen


Bruce and Serena Dyksen She Found His Grace

Meet Bruce and  Serena Dyksen, the compassionate Founders of She Found His Grace Abortion Recovery, a transformative initiative based in Indiana. Serena's journey is one of resilience and redemption, shaped by a traumatic experience at the tender age of 13 that led to an abortion. The repercussions of this event cast a shadow over her family's life in unexpected ways.

Determined to break the cycle, Serena chose life at 16 in the parking lot of Planned Parenthood. However, the specter of her past abortion continued to haunt her, threatening her marriage and nearly costing her everything until a radical encounter in a parking lot changed the trajectory of her life.

Out of this profound experience, She Found His Grace Abortion Recovery was born. Serena, alongside her supportive husband Bruce, is on a mission to guide men and women towards healing from the wounds of abortion. Bruce, though not directly involved in Serena's abortion, felt its impact and grappled with the aftermath, even contemplating ending his own life until divine intervention intervened.

Their shared passion for helping individuals find freedom in Christ after abortion and assisting abortion-minded mothers in choosing life defines their collaborative efforts. Bruce and Serena's story is one of forgiveness, restoration, and ultimate victory for the family. Together, they serve as beacons of hope, extending a hand to others on their journey toward healing and redemption

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Event Reviews

“My heart was captured by Serena Dyksen's story from the very beginning. The challenges she faced were too much for one person to navigate. Pick up a copy of her book today and let the revealing, compelling and captivating story of Serena's surrender in She Found His Grace, restart your heart in those secret places you have locked away."

— Joni Lamb, Co-Founder and President of Daystar Television

"Both a heart-wrenching and heartwarming account of a young girl and women overcoming abortion, abuse and near abandonment."

— Rev. Don Wilkerson, Co-Founder of Teen Challenge


  • Finding Grace After an Abortion (Part 1) - Serena Dyksen: 27.83 min

  • Finding Grace After an Abortion (Part 2) - Bruce & Serena Dyksen: 27.97 min

  • I Regret My Abortion - Serena's Story | Can't Stay Silent: 6.13 min

  • Bridges with Serena Dyksen: 28.50 min




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