Laura Lynn Hughes


Laura Lynn Hughes International Speaker, Author, Teacher, and Human Rights Advocate

A baby changes everything.

It can be messy.

It can also be beautiful.

Pregnant at fifteen, and choosing to keep her child, Laura Lynn Hughes knew that her life would never be the same.

Once a pregnancy resource center client herself, Laura passionately promotes the lifesaving work of pregnancy resource centers.  An international speaker, author, teacher, and human rights advocate, she serves as a dedicated board member and volunteer at Alpha Clinics in Vacaville, California.   As the co-founder of A Movement of Love, she is a regular speaker at churches, conferences, colleges, and high schools, where she fearlessly addresses pressing topics that touch the lives of countless individuals. Laura also collaborates with the CURE foundation as a dedicated advocate for the safe home, providing a lifeline for girls under twelve who have endured the unimaginable as survivors of trafficking and Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC).

Laura is the author of Choose Zoe: A Story of UnPlanned Parenthood, and The Case for Life, a compilation of true stories, including her own testimony and of parents struggling with miscarriage, infertility, abusive relationships, addictions, abortions, and those mourning the children they placed for adoption.  Laura allows the reader to witness beauty and redemption rising from the ashes of lost hope.

Laura's tenacity and networking prowess have granted her appearances on esteemed platforms like the Eric Metaxas show, Focus on the Family, and 700 Club. As a contributing writer for Focus on the Family and Christianity Today, her life's mission is dedicated to making a positive impact in the world by spreading the enduring hope filled life found in Jesus.  She is a force for change, a beacon of inspiration, and a relentless advocate for a better world.

Beyond her advocacy and writing, Laura is a devoted mother to five children and a grandmother to thirteen and counting.  Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to own a successful photography studio, and she resides in northern California.


  • Pro-Life & Teen Pregnancy: Drawing from her personal experience as a teen mom and former PRC (Pregnancy Resource Center) client, Laura passionately advocates for teen moms to choose life for their unborn babies and embrace the pro-abundant life in Christ. She actively raises awareness in communities and champions fundraising for PRCs.
  • Sex Trafficking and Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC): As an advocate for a safe home housing 36 little girls under the age of twelve, Laura sheds light on the critical issues of sex trafficking and Online Sexual Exploitation of Children. She passionately makes the connection between human trafficking and abortion, emphasizing how PRCs can play a pivotal role in aiding in the rescue and restoration of pregnant moms. Laura shares her knowlege during presentations at high schools and PRCs, teachinig how to recognize the signs of trafficking.
  • Abortion Healing and Restoration: As the co-founder of "A Movement of Love," a post-abortion healing and restoration church ministry, Laura is dedicated to guiding individuals on a path to healing and restoration after abortion. Her personal experience, including the loss of a grandchild to abortion, fuels her passion for promoting parental consent, especially regarding underage abortions.
  • Fetal Development: Laura educates audiences on the stages of fetal development, sharing her knowledge in schools and churches. Her aim is to foster a deeper understanding of the incredible journey of human life before birth.
  • Apologetics: Laura gracefully, and mercifully, guided by God's wisdom, engages in conversations to change hearts and minds, leading people to embrace the pro-abundant life mission. 
  • Activism: Laura is a bold activist against staunch abortion advocates in California, unyieldingly standing up for her beliefs and advocating for the Sanctity of Human Life (SOHL). She attends protests and has spoken at Planned Parenthood and volunteered at NARAL who recently changed their name ironically to Reproductive Freedom for All. 

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Event Reviews

"It was such a joy to have Laura Lynn Hughes speak at our banquet on behalf of the cause for life. She is both compassionate about the cause and conscientious about the cost. Laura intricately wove those things she learned throughout her life as a single mom with the truth of how God's redemption can change the trajectory of ones life for the good. Hearing Laura speak gives one the feeling of being empowered with the ability to argue the case for life even to the staunches abortion advocate. It was well worth the time to listen to Laura's encouraging and timely message. She was very well received by our audience."

— Spero, CA


  • Embracing God's Gift of Life - Laura Lynn Hughes: 28.07 min

  • Pro-Life Advocate on Why She Became a Teen Mom: 8.52 min

  • The Pro-life Church: 28.98 min




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