Tori Shaw


Tori Shaw Author, Speaker and Director of Not Forgotten Ministries

Tori Shaw is a homeschool mom, author, speaker, and director of Not Forgotten Ministries. She married her high school sweetheart, Bryan, and they live in North Carolina with their four young children. Through Tori’s busy day to day life, she desires to reflect the love of Christ in all that she does.

At sixteen years old, Tori discovered she was pregnant. In a rushed attempt to hide the pregnancy, Tori had an abortion less than 24 hours after finding out the news. She left the abortion clinic completely different than when she entered, and her life quickly spiraled downhill.

It took Tori seventeen years to come out of hiding and share her secret with others. Since doing so, God has used her story in a mighty way. Not Forgotten Ministries, in Winston Salem, NC was born through her willingness to shed light on the topic of abortion and expose it for what it really is.

Tori now walks in complete freedom following her abortion and desires the same for others who have walked a similar journey. Through her ministry work and opportunities to speak, as well as her book, I Had a Secret for Seventeen Years, Tori hopes to touch the lives of many post-abortive men and women, encouraging them to trust God with their secrets.

Tori believes the post-abortive woman is the hidden key in the fight against abortion. When women are healed, free, and are willing to share their experience with abortion, it will have a huge, lasting impact on our generation and its opinion about abortion.

Tori has also written a post-abortion Bible study, Free Indeed, as well as Lead with Love, a guide for how to speak about the topic of abortion.

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Event Reviews

"We recently had Tori as a speaker at our annual Celebration & Fundraising Dinner. She was a wonderful addition to our event. Her story was well received, and she shares it with passion and transparency. The pictures that she shares give you a deeper sense of what is happening in the abortion clinics. I would highly recommend having Tori at your next event."

— Pregnancy Ministries of Chamsberg, PA

"It's not easy to relatably and powerfully communicate the darkness of abortion to a diverse group of people ranging from middle school to middle-aged, but Tori did just that when sharing with our church both during a Sunday evening service and a Wednesday Student Ministry meeting. Tori's message helped our teens and adults all more fully appreciate both the tragedy of abortion and the incredible power of Jesus to restore and heal even the deepest spiritual wounds. I'm so thankful that through Tori, God empowered many of our teens and adults to be advocates for life!"

— REVO Church, King, NC

"Tori Shaw spoke at our 2020 Women's Conference. Her testimony was honest and heart wrenching. God is using her in a mighty way as she tells her story. God's grace and faithfulness are evident. Our ladies were touched by her message."

— Hillcrest Baptist Church, Galax, VA


  • I Regret My Abortion - Tori's Story | Can't Stay Silent: 15.63 min

  • Hope is a Guarantee: 2.12 min




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