Keith Ferrin


Keith Ferrin

Keith Ferrin Dramatic Biblical Storyteller and President of That You May Know Ministries

Keith Ferrin is a speaker, author, and word-for-word biblical storyteller who strives to help people realize that the living Word of God is a reality – not a phrase. He holds to the idea that people can believe the Bible is not only true and applicable, but also fun, engaging, and enjoyable.

After six years as a youth and worship pastor, Keith began speaking and writing full-time.  He is the author of more than a dozen books, including How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible, Like Ice Cream (The Scoop on Helping the Next Generation Fall In Love with God’s Word), and the Scripture Journey series of Bible studies for groups.

Keith has been partnering with pregnancy centers – at banquets, conferences, fundraising galas, trainings, etc. – for almost 20 years. He is passionate about seeing women, men, children, and entire communities see the value of life and experience God’s grace and freedom.

Keith covers everything from Old Testament teaching to Paul's Epistles, to Christmas Dramas. He loves to custom tailor messages to his audiences. If you want Keith to help your audience better understand – and enjoy! - the Word of God, give us a call.

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Event Reviews

"Anyone looking for an effective speaker to represent their organization during a fundraiser Banquet, should have Keith do it. Plain and simple. This was the most profitable Gala our organization experienced ever since 1981."

— Bright Hope Pregnancy Support Centers, PA

“I just want to say that I am so happy that I found Keith through your speakers list.  I think Keith really hit home with our crowd, his use of the Bible was perfect… Most of our supporters are church going people.  We had something like 10 priests there and I asked a couple of them what they thought and they thought he was amazing. Everyone enjoyed the night.  He was the most prepared, most professional and spent the most time at our center prior to the dinner than any speaker we have ever had. Our next speaker has some very big shoes to fill after Keith Ferrin.”

— HELP Pregnancy Crisis Aid

"Keith's presentations are powerful, inspirational and profound. He makes Scripture leap off the pages straight into your heart. What a wonderful addition to any banquet or conference!"

— Gary Thomas, Bestselling Author and International Speaker

"Keith was very responsive to our center’s needs and skillfully wove the ‘partnering in the work’ theme of Philippians into his summary and the appeal. The impact was powerful. Our supporters were richly blessed and they blessed us with unprecedented donations of time and tithes.”

— Pregnancy Care Center of Ogden


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