David Williams


David Williams

David Williams David knows the pain that men experience who have suffered the loss of fatherhood due to a past abortion.

It has been said that "with David, you get not only a speaker, but a life changed. He represents the very audience we're trying to reach." At the age of 19, David encouraged his first girlfriend to have an abortion thinking that this was best for their futures. David knows the pain that men experience who have suffered the loss of fatherhood due to a past abortion. Yet he also knows the forgiveness, grace, healing, and transforming power of Jesus Christ available to men suffering from abortion.

David serves as a volunteer staff with SaveOne, an international ministry that helps men, women, and families recover after abortion.  He is on the leadership team of the Men's Ministry Network with Pregnancy Centers in Florida under the umbrella of the Florida Baptist Children's Home and a member of MAN (Men and Abortion Network). He is a monthly guest contributor on two Moody Radio affiliates (Cleveland, OH and Chattanooga, TN) and is a frequent guest on other radio stations and podcasts. He has contributed chapters in two books 'Tears of A Fisherman: Recovery of Men Wounded by Abortion' and Ein Neubeginn (New Beginning) - Real Stories of Healing After Abortion (in German and English). David's story was recognized and highlighted by Focus on the Family at SEELife Live '21. 

David received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. David and his wife, Terea, and their six children live in Orlando. David also has an adult son who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

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Event Reviews

"My husband was in tears. (I didn’t know he had tear ducts). Thank you for praying for him afterward, too. My stepdad was also moved to tears by your speech. Both of them remarked multiple times how touched they were because “no one ever talks about the men” in abortion stories."

— An attendee

"David brought an inspirational message to our guests that not only stirred them to give but uniquely ministered to their hearts. The feedback we received from guests included several comments filled with gratitude. David's passion for the lives of the unborn and their moms and dads gave the audience a vision of God's plan for redemption and family. We received the highest level of giving of any Gala we have ever had. We highly recommend David."

— Pregnancy Resource Center of Metro Richmond, VA

"David gave a very heartfelt and authentic testimony and did a wonderful job on the virtual video of tying in RealOptions programs and services to his personal story. David was very authentic and allowed the Holy Spirit to use him mightily during the in-person presentation. Our guests gave him rave reviews! The BEST speaker in many years! People were moved, blessed, inspired to give, and encouraged by David's authentic message of God's healing power!"

— Real Options, CA

"He was a powerful speaker who spoke directly from his heart. He touched on so many areas of his life that resonated with a variety of people in our audience. David is a top-notch speaker who brings professionalism, charisma and life-experiences into his presentation. I highly recommend David for any and all (but especially) pro-life events."

— TLC of Hastings

"Excellent speaker and very moving, love the challenge to men and the church."

— Starkville Pregnancy Care Center

"David Williams shares a powerful testimony and passion for life. Our attendees were moved by David's transparency. I have received all positive feed back and many said this was the best banquet they have been to."

— Pregnancy Care Center, FL

"As an Executive Director of a pregnancy resource center, I have utilized several Ambassadors Bureau speakers, including Ruth Graham and Shawn Carney. David Williams is absolutely on par with these speakers. In his speaking engagement with Life Forward, Pregnancy Care of Cincinnati, he spoke both boldly and personally about the issue of life. His story is powerful and David moved our audience with his transparency. Additionally, he was incredibly flexible, dedicated to helping meet our goals, and had very thoughtful ideas on how to improve our event. His dedication to the gospel message is clear and evident in his presentation."

— Life Forward, Pregnancy Care of Cincinnati


  • David Williams - 2022: 44.95 min

  • The Weight of Abortion on Dads | Seize This Pro-Life Moment™: 3.28 min

  • David Williams Life SUMMIT 2022 Presentation: 32.43 min

  • Saving Lives, Transforming Families, & Healing the Hurting - The Role of the Church after Roe v Wade: 51.83 min

  • Real Life (CTN) - David Williams Story: 28.52 min

  • Abortion Is Not A “Women’s Issue” | David Williams | Episode 165: 38.78 min

  • Sanctity of Human Life Summit 2023 - Session 9: 39.02 min




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