Anita Keagy


Anita Keagy


TRAVELS FROM: Pennsylvania


Anita Keagy Inspiring people to spend time with God every day through Bible reading and prayer

Anita Keagy founded JoyShop Ministries in 2006 with one simple mission: To inspire people to prioritize spending time with God every day through Bible reading and prayer. Since then, she has traveled nationwide and internationally, sharing her message of seeking God first each day as the key to abundant life and joy. Thousands of people have heard and responded to her dynamic message at conferences, retreats, schools, colleges, churches, and Creation festival workshops.

Anita is the author of "The File: A Mother and Child’s Life-Changing Reunion" and the soon to be released book “Seeking God First: A Practical Plan for Finding Joy and Peace in Him.” Her motivational six session DVD series, "Seeking God First," found on RightNow Media, Crossflix+, and Vision Video, has encouraged and challenged those who long for a deeper relationship with God. Her book and DVD series, along with additional supportive materials, can be purchased on her website,

Anita Keagy lives in Washington Boro, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Paul. She is the mother of 5 adult children, 14 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. She attended Messiah College and also received training from the ministries of Kay Arthur, of Precept Ministries, and Anne Graham Lotz.

Anita's Story:

Anita Keagy’s life was dramatically changed forever by an unwed teenage pregnancy, when she placed her baby for adoption at the age of 18. For 21 years, Anita could not forget her child, so she started a file at the adoption agency, filled with personal letters for her birth daughter. Just like the file at the adoption agency, God has prepared us a file — His Word! Through Anita’s unique and gripping redemptive story, students begin to look at God’s word in a new light and are motivated to spend time with God because of their love for Him, not because of obligation. Her authentic teaching style inspires and equips students with practical tools to prioritize fellowship with God daily.

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Event Reviews

"Anita did a wonderful job speaking at our Women's Retreat. She was down to earth and connected very well with the ladies that attended. Her message was well received and she was very easy to talk with and work with."

— Crystal Springs Baptist Camp, Medina, ND

“Anita is an excellent communicator and has a most needed message for people today. She inspires and encourages with her stories, but most of all, it is her love for the Lord that comes shining through. Each message is well organized, thought provoking and challenges people to not only read the Bible but to simply drink in every word and then apply it to their lives.”

— Big Dream Ministries, Atlanta, GA

“Anita was fantastic! We heard many, many compliments on her presentation and powerful testimony. She has a great personality that really lends itself to telling her story. We could also tell she was genuinely interested in our center and its success in helping women and families in our community.” 

— Pregnancy Resource Center of Greater Hazleton

"Our students connected with her because of her passion and refreshing transparency. I highly recommend her to you as a speaker who can relate to college-age young people like few speakers I have seen in my 34 years of ministry!"

— Peter W. Teague, Ed.D, President of Lancaster Bible College


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