Vicky Botsford Mathews


Vicky Botsford Mathews

Vicky Botsford Mathews National Speaker and Executive Director of Choices Women’s Clinic

Vicky Mathews became the Executive Director of Choices Women’s Clinic in January of 2015.  However, she is not a stranger to the work, celebrating her 35th year in this work.  Vicky has spent the last 30 years consulting pregnancy centers around the county and world.

Vicky’s calling to CHOICES was truly a “God thing”.  She was asked to help them with their Walk as a consultant which was very successful.  When the director resigned not long after, she was asked to consider the position.  Although she was not initially interested in the position, she agreed to help them as an interim director to provide transitional support and leadership.  When she saw firsthand what was happening in Orlando with abortion she could not turn away.  She felt the Lord reminded her why he had given her 28 years of experience and from that moment she knew she was called to champion the call to change our city.

Shortly after Vicky executed a vision to move into the heart of the city where late term abortion is big business.  With an incredible board, staff and team of volunteers CHOICES purchased a facility August 2016.  After 7 months of renovation the state-of-the-art medical clinic was opened July 2017. In 2019 the leadership launched a project to build a second clinic 1 mile from UCF after purchasing property debt free and building a 1.3-million-dollar facility. In 7 years, the budget for CHOICES has grown for $250,000 annually to $3 million.

Vicky formerly served as the Executive Director of one of the largest pregnancy centers in Florida back in the pioneering days. She was also a Care Net consultant for 8 years helping open centers throughout the US.  She started as an Executive Director in 1987 in West Palm Beach, FL.  She grew this center exponentially from a small center and budget to a cutting-edge organization recognized nationally in the movement in her 6 years as the director.

She has been a national spokesperson at fund raising banquets, conferences for pregnancy centers, women’s retreats and events traveling to Eastern Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Canada and the United Kingdom. 

Vicky is passionate about LIFE and offering women and men an opportunity to make healthy CHOICES.  She never forgets her own journey of choices each day to walk in healing and wholeness by fulfilling the destiny of her purpose while calling others to do the same.

 She is radical about her faith, her love relationship with the Father and her role as a wife to Bill.  Together they enjoy 6 children and 5 grandchildren with the promise of more to come!

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Event Reviews

“Your guest speaker has quite a story to tell…what a heartbreaker.  I remember those days in the late 60's and 70's very clearly.  She was right in the "I am woman, hear me roar" commenting on that time.  She was complimentary on the work being done in Athens, the qualifications of those staffing the center, the facilities available, and was able to communicate that well to those in attendance.  She also made a good direct fund appeal.”

— Pregnancy Resource Center

"After breathing new life into Pregnancy Choices with LifeSteward board and event training, Vicky was asked the following year by our board, to be our banquet speaker. She pulled out all the stops! Vicky coached us on our program ahead of time and even provided a singer for us that she brought with her. She speaks with energy and conviction and her years of experience in the life movement make her a credible source of inspiration, knowledge and passion. She has a rich heart for life and the ability to minister in the Spirit and go deeper in the Lord. You can expect Vicky's best if you ask her to help you!"

— Pregnancy Choices

“Vicky Botsford is passionate breath of fresh air. Her story is compelling and is delivered with a wonderful element of surprise. She is an exceptional communicator and reaches her audience with humor and real stories that help us tell our story. She was authentic and touched the hearts of our audience. As our banquet speaker, Vicky helped us raise 10k more than the previous year with 30 less attendees. She understands her audience, but more importantly she understands pregnancy help centers and maternity homes better than most speakers you can find; and she genuinely cares about your success. She works well with other program elements and knows how to make a great appeal if called upon to do so. I highly recommend her as a speaker for a fund raising banquet."

— Ruth Harbor


  • Vicky's Story: 4.40 min

  • Vicky Botsford - CPC Banquet 2014: 29.05 min

  • Vicky Botsford - CPC Keynote 2010: 25.15 min




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