Abby Johnson


Abby Johnson Former Director of Planned Parenthood

Abby Johnson went to work for Planned Parenthood believing she would be helping women. After working her way up from volunteer to director of one of their facilities, and even winning Planned Parenthood’s employee of the year award, Abby had a surprising change of heart after witnessing a live ultrasound guided abortion procedure. It became clear in that moment that abortion did not provide the freedom she had promised so many women in those counseling rooms. Abortion only caused harm, destruction and devastation. Upon that realization, Abby left her job in the abortion industry and has been sharing her experiences ever since.

Her story was chronicled in a best-selling book, titled Unplanned, which was later turned into a major motion picture with the same name. She has gone on to write several other books, including The Walls Are Still Talking and Fierce Mercy.

She is the CEO of two successful prolife non-profits and hosts her own podcast, Politely Rude. One of Abby's ministries, And Then There Were None, has helped almost 700 abortion workers leave the abortion industry and come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Abby's greatest blessing is her vocation of wife and mother. She lives in Texas with her husband and 8 beautiful children.

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Event Reviews

"Abby hit it out of the park with her presentation to our audience. Powerful!!"

— Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic

"Abby delivered an outstanding keynote. There were times of silence when you could hear a pin drop in the banquet hall. She was captivating and convicting at the same time that I believe led hearts to give sacrificially."

— A Woman's Choice, FL

"We heard from many that Abby was the best speaker we’ve ever had! We have been told through tears that they had no idea what Planned Parenthood did, and are signing up to volunteer...She is a great speaker- knows when to lighten the topic with humor, and was honest and transparent and humble. We were very happy with her as our speaker. We heard of two couples that had decided beforehand what to donate, and both couples looked at each other and said “Double it.”

— Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center, GA

"WOW! If we can keep the momentum that Abby gave not only to our banquet event, but the momentum she gave our entire community of supporters (new & old), we will be able to accomplish great things and hopefully transform our client's lives in ways we never imagined possible. This has by far been the most successful banquet we have ever had making it well worth the investment!"

— Family Life Services Clinic, MI

​"We absolutely loved Abby. This banquet was our largest attended and was reflected in the giving. I would highly recommend her to other centers!"

— Pregnancy Center of Frederick

"Abby Johnson did a fantastic job and those words do not adequately describe how inspiring she was. All the feedback we have received has been very positive. Her presentation was clear and focused. We would highly recommend Abby to speak wherever she is asked."

— Sav-a-Life of Dekalb Co, AL

"Her (Abby's) attitude in getting to Shreveport was inspirational. Her presentation was riveting, clear and compelling for our audience. We raised more than we have in the past 3 years!"

— Mary's House of Louisiana

"Abby's story is powerful but she's also an unbeatable communicator. She was our speaker for 2017 and 2018 and increased the amount raised both times from the previous year."

— Women's Choice Resource Center, Fort Worth, TX

"Abby has by far been our greatest fundraiser, and we thank her for delivering a powerful message to a crowd of over 700 people!"

— Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center

“Abby did an excellent job!  We had a record number of guests and the largest donation from one event ever in our 32 year history!  We could not have been any more pleased with her presentation and the response.  So thankful for her courage and her willingness to share her story so that God can use all of it for HIS GOOD!”

— RETA Pregnancy and Family Resource Center


  • Abby Johnson 2022: 51.87 min

  • Abby Johnson's full remarks at the GOP Convention: 4.60 min

  • The Abby Johnson Story: 3.42 min




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