Tom Bowen


Tom Bowen

Tom Bowen Served with the Search & Recovery Teams at the World Trade Center

From serving on the search and recovery teams at the World Trade Center following the 9/11 attacks and the serious health effects that have resulted, to losing his two-year-old son to brain cancer, Tom speaks from a place very few have been. Yet, his love and authenticity will capture and connect with your audience and challenge them to consider how they might abide in Christ and experience hope in all circumstances. Out of heart-ache and brokenness, God delivers hope for our future through His messengers. One such messenger of hope is Tom Bowen. He has lived his faith through extraordinary circumstances and speaks of Christ’s love for us in an authentic and inspiring way.

You will find Tom to be a genuine, humble, and direct man. His love for God, family, and country is easily felt. He has been speaking for nearly 15 years at churches, universities, and community events. His stories are engaging and unforgettable and connected the truths of God’s word to the realities of life.

Tom’s work has a global impact, assisting profit and non-profit organizations in strategic and innovation development. He has raised millions of dollars for childhood cancer research and created an international campaign to help bring healthcare funding to those injured by the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

He has been presented several awards and commendations for his service to our country including the National Distinguished Humanitarian Award by the American Rescue Workers and was recognized by President George W. Bush for his service following 9/11.

Tom loves to share his experiences with others, and help them find hope in Christ. He truly believes that God is good even when life hurts the most. He would love to share his story with your church.

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Event Reviews

"We absolutely loved having Tom Bowen as our speaker for God & Country Day on July 2. He did a fabulous job and was very well received!! Had us all in tears. We could have listened to him go on much longer. Your recommendation was perfect! Thank you so much!"

— Somerset Alliance Church

“The first time Tom Bowen spoke at Gardner-Webb University, the lives of our students were moved by hearing first-hand from a true American hero who had served on the search and recovery teams at the World Trade Center following the 9/11 attacks.  When Tom returned a few years later, his message was even more inspiring as he was able to beautifully illustrate how the lessons God taught him through that national crisis prepared him to live out his faith in the personal crisis of losing his two-year-old son, Ben, to brain cancer.  One student wrote, ‘Tom Bowen had such a powerful and inspirational story, and we were all moved by it. I honestly wish we could have had another hour to listen to the rest of his story.’  Typically, students quickly exit chapel on their way to the next class.  After Tom spoke, I witnessed something I had never seen before.  A multitude of students quietly stood in line to show their respect and appreciation to Tom by shaking his hand, giving a hug or simply saying “thank you.”  I realized that it wasn’t just the message, but the man delivering the message that had connected so well with our students.”

— Gardner-Webb University


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