Reba Riley


Reba Riley

Reba Riley Author of Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome,Mind-Body-Spirit Health Contributor to CBS Television

Reba Riley is a champion for the power of spiritual healing and self-care. A survivor of chronic autoimmune illness, spiritual abuse, and severe depression. She uses her journey of body-mind-spirit transformation to inspire audiences around the country.

A graduate of Ohio State University, former Fortune 500 market manager, and current entrepreneur, Reba's work has been featured by CNN, TIME, Parade Magazine, RNS, Christianity Today and Sojourners, among others.

Reba is the author Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome: One Woman's Desperate, Funny Healing Journey, is a regular contributor to CBS television, Huffington Post, and 

A remarkable, inspirational debut, Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome is much more than a memoir about reclaiming faith and overcoming chronic illness. Written with humor and personality, it tackles the universal struggle to heal what life has broken. This is a book for questioners, doubters, misfits, and seekers of all faiths; for the spiritual, the religious, and the curious. For anyone who has ever longed for a transformation of body, mind, or soul, but didn’t know where to start, Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome reminds us all that sometimes we have to get lost to get found.

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Event Reviews

“[Reba’s] unique life experiences make it possible for her to engage a diverse audience in a way that will encourage reflection on the topics that she brings to the table. Reba was respectful of our time as organizers, she communicated efficiently, and she delivered an excellent presentation as part of our recent panel. In fact, this event was one of the most effective we hosted as part of our late winter/spring event series, and it commanded a large audience that was satisfied afterwards.”

— Institute for Spirituality and Health

“Reba’s presentation was a refreshing and wonderful experience for our congregation.  She spoke openly and honestly about courage.  She was both bold enough to be memorable, as well as comfortable enough to make everyone feel safe and reassured while she spoke. It has been several months since she visited us, and we still have members talking about when Reba came to speak to us about courage.  Her talk was good and faithful.  It was something that helped move many people who were able to hear it.  It was powerful, spirit filled, and definitely a blessing to our congregation. If there are any churches considering asking Reba to come and speak, I would absolutely recommend her as an addition to any worship service.”

— Carthage Christian Church


  • Reba Riley Studio Demo Reel: 1.63 min

  • "LUCK": Reba Riley - St Patrick's Day: 8.05 min

  • Author Reba Riley defines 'Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome': 1.00 min

  • Something bigger than yourself…the Godiverse (from 'Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome'): 2.27 min




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