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Nina Fuller Daughter born with Down Syndrome, Author of Special Strength for Special Parents

Nina Fuller is a popular speaker and writer who is the founder of Living Proof Testimonies, a non-profit speaking ministry that brings inspiration and hope to people in order for them to honor God with their own lives.

Nina’s genuine and open style makes you forget you are anywhere other than a cozy family room, sharing hearts and building friendships. Whether you hear Nina share her dynamic, personal pro-life message….hear her passion for parenting through the story of how God raised her from a two-parent alcoholic heritage to become a committed Christian wife and mother…or sit under her leadership as a gifted Bible teacher…you will be inspired to search deeper into your own experiences and learn the depth of God’s character and intimate presence in your own life. You will walk away knowing, as never before, that God loves you with an abiding love and has a plan for you! With vibrant confidence, Nina says, "I believe with all my heart God shapes us with every experience we face. He prepares us for future ministry with the character-shaping events of yesterday and today. No trauma or crisis in our life is wasted if we surrender it to God’s loving plan. With Christ as the focal point of our lives, there is purpose in our past and hope for the future! Believe me! My life is living proof!"

Through a traumatic childhood where her mother abandoned the family after years of alcohol and abuse, at age 12 Nina became the surrogate mother to her four younger siblings. Her father was lost in his own world of despair and continued his downward journey with alcohol and parental abuse. Through all the chaos, Nina came to realize that a Sovereign, Loving God had set her apart to serve Him and declare a message that would uproot and tear down years of heartache and abuse of all sorts.

Nina says her life defies the classic textbook cases of childhood dysfunction because God had a dynamic plan of ministry for her life. She is most definitely living proof of Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

Nina is in popular demand at pro-life events, ladies retreats, youth groups and church events around the country. Nina has shared her message of hope as a guest speaker on several radio talk shows, has been interviewed by many in the media, including Marie Claire magazine and is a contributing author to Focus on the Family, as well as co-author of the book "Refined By Fire, Inspirational Stories and Journal for Women."

Nina can customize a message to meet the specific theme, focus, and time frame needed for your Christian event, using a rich reservoir of personal life stories and Scriptural truths.

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“Nina was the best! We loved having her and Tess. Tess performed an interpretive dance to "Hosanna" for us and the whole crowd gave her a standing ovation. It was very heart warming and brought tears to my eyes to see such pure praise and glory to God. Nina is a wonderful Christian lady who is very much "living proof"! Tess is absolutely adorable and such a sweet heart. Nina just has a special way about her that everyone can relate to. I would suggest her to everyone who wants to talk about pro-life vs. pro-choice issues.”

— Crisis Pregnancy Services of Central MS


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