Mike Williams


Mike Williams Author, Speaker, Fundraising Specialist, Humorist, and Founder of Laugh For Life

Mike G. Williams is a generosity catalyst! When you need to raise money, this guy genuinely knows how to increase your monthly partners in addition to generating more substantial individual gifts. Mike is Ambassador's most consistently re-scheduled fundraising speaker. Some organizations have used Mike five times!

His 21 Steps To Fundraising Banquet Success is a must-read guide for anyone preparing to have a fundraising banquet. PRCs may also want to read at least three of his sixteen books, including How To Fearlessly & Successfully Ask For MoneyThank You For Saving My Life, and How To Become A Profitable Non-Profit.

Mike is a GMA Dove Award winner who knows how to help you increase your revenue significantly. His client list has ranged from organizations like Focus on the Family to hundreds of pregnancy centers across America. He has presented on the mainstage at Heartbeat and Care Net multiple times as well as leading in more than fourteen donor development workshops for them.

The humorous way Mike tells his very moving personal rescue-adoption story, and the story of how he and his wife rescue-adopted their own son from a similar situation will inspire your audience. The compelling way he weaves your story all through the presentation will open their checkbooks. Laughing people give more than crying people! It is just a fact.

When Mike leads your group in singing happy birthday to the children they have saved, eyes will fill with tears of joy! Men enjoy his style and often know his voice from SiriusXM radio. When Mike gives that appeal, you will know why he is among the best in the business.

Although Mike has quite a resumé, he knows how to make you the star of your event. He does that with dignity and respect. You will be the one who receives the thanks for the event's success.

Mike goes the extra mile in providing you with professional studio made video clips for your email newsletters to specifically promote your banquet. He will also offer video training material for your table hosts, training them to bring the right people to the table. With Mike, you always get a little more than just a speaker. 

Additionally, Mike trains Boards to raise money for their ministry through his Simple Board Success training module. Ask how you can combine that with a successful banquet event. 

Pro-Life Fundraising see www.BanquetMoney.com.

Church events see www.MikeGWilliams.com.

"Live life more worthy of a statue than a tombstone." -Mike G. Williams

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Event Reviews

"Mike is a wealth of knowledge and experience. I would recommend Directors and staff to allow for as much time as they can with him prior to their event to talk with and just glean from him and his experiences. He exceeded our expectations for the event as well and I've had many of our donors ask to have him back next year."

— Paulding Pregnancy Services

"Mike did a great job! He was funny, personable, and did a great job expressing the needs of the ministry. We would definitely recommend him to help your fundraising banquet or any speaking event. Our guests loved him and expressed to us they would love to have him come back."

— Salina Rescue Mission

"Mike did an amazing job! He had the crowd in stitches, and everyone agreed wholeheartedly that we needed to laugh! However, he also gave the most effective appeal we've ever had. We more than doubled our prior most successful banquet. THANK YOU, MIKE!!"

— Hope Resource Center

"We LOVED how he spoke to EVERY table in the room. He included several names of people he met in the presentation...What an effective and pointed 'ask' tailored to the the group. This was the BEST ask we have ever experienced in our events."

— Women's Health and Wellness Clinic of Walton

"Mike Williams is the most effective fundraiser I've ever known. He works nonstop at connecting with every donor, before, during and after the event. His appeal is spot on, and he has a supernatural gift of reading people as he listens to the Holy Spirit. If I could, I would have him at EVERY fundraising event!"

— Pregnancy Resource Center of Statesville

"Mike was funny, absolutely passionate about rescued kids, and best financial appeal ever! Highly recommend him to any pregnancy help clinic for their fundraising banquet! He was even better than last year!"

— Care Clinic, MI

"This is our 2nd year to have Mike Williams as our guest speaker for our fundraising banquet. He was fantastic! Our total raised for the evening far surpassed our expectations."

— Crisis Pregnancy Center of Putnam County, IN

"Mike has done an outstanding job for us for 2 years. The thing that I appreciate most about Mike is his heart to serve pregnancy centers and to see them succeed. His suggestions for making our banquet better and ways to increase giving have been invaluable."

— Bay City Women's Pregnancy Center, TX

“This was our second year having Mike speak at our banquet, and he does a wonderful job!  He is great and easy to work with, a true partner in ministry and in planning the event, and gives an incredible presentation at the banquet.  We had some guests leave comments asking for him to come back a third year!”

— A Woman’s Choice

"Mike did a great job of entertaining our audience, but more importantly, shared his heart for the unborn effectively. He kept our attention throughout the evening, and did an amazing financial appeal. We also learned a lot from his banquet planning site, www.banquetmoney.com."

— Choose Life of North Alabama, Inc.


  • Mike Williams Care Net 2020: 11.85 min

  • Mike Williams PRC FUNDRAISING DEMO 1: 62.55 min

  • Mike Williams PRC Fundraiser without "ask" 2018: 36.02 min

  • Mike Williams 4X RE-Booked fundraising PRC SUCCESS!: 0.43 min




Ambassador was great to work with. Everyone was extremely prompt, professional, and friendly! — Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Ambassador, your team is AWESOME! Your turn-key service allows us to focus on the other elements of our events. — Orchards Community Church


We appreciate your willingness to jump in at the last minute. You clearly understood the urgency of our situation, and responded quickly with a list of available speakers who fit our needs. You demonstrated a genuine personal desire to help solve our problem. After we selected a speaker, you made the process easy instead of requiring us to jump through numerous hoops. — CTI Group Adventure


I love working with all of you because you truly care and take care of all that needs to be taken care…You are awesome! — C. C. Hope House and The Grabriel Project