Kim Elliot


Kim Elliot

Kim Elliot Co-Founder of God of the Romantic Presentations, Author of Choosing Life After Rape

Kim Elliot grew up like most girls, dreaming of a prince charming to marry her someday. That dream had a violent interruption when, at 26 years of age, still a virgin, she was raped and became pregnant as a result.

Kim, once opposed to abortion, now personally caught in the trap of a worst-case scenario, became desperate to erase this nightmare from her life. She scheduled an abortion, “but the Lord…” determined her path. Her story reads like all great stories do: dark, dangerous, thrilling, overwhelmingly triumphant, and full of God’s divine interruptions.

In the end, she not only chose life but also chose to love and raise her beautiful daughter herself as a single mom. Kim’s pro-life story is one of an unexpected evil colliding with an unexpected good, God Himself. She speaks with great sensitivity about her violation and the challenges she experienced when making choices for life, adoption, and finally parenting. She reveals the truths that set her free to make her choices, forgive, heal, and celebrate her new life. Her book, Choosing Life After Rape, was an Amazon number 1 best-seller in their abortion category.

Her redemption did not stop with getting to love her daughter as her own. God never overlooked her desire for a “prince charming” and gave her a profound love story to help Him turn the moral compass of a generation who dream the same. Kim and her husband, musician and author Gary Elliot, founded God of the Romantic Presentations, where they educate and inspire young people to love God first and trust His desire, design, and fascinating providence to meet and marry His best fit for them.

Kim is an experienced storyteller. Since 1996, she has shared her story with churches, pro-life movement events, pregnancy center fundraisers, and organizations. Her heart is for all who hear her story to see Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the “LIFE” we can choose to experience Him making all things new. Other books by Kim include Veiled Unto His Pleasure and the 2024 release Violets in the Snow, co-written with her husband. Kim and Gary reside in Nashville, Tennessee, just 3 short miles from Kim’s daughter, husband, and three incredible grandboys.

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Event Reviews

"I recommend Kim Elliot as a speaker for any prolife event. Her story is both powerful and compelling. Rape is often the argument that is used to defend abortion…Her willingness to share will change the narrative working to increase abortion in America and beyond…I recommend her for any event that wants to educate an audience regarding how capable women are of choosing life after rape. We must dismantle every argument that continues in its efforts to empower the ongoing culture of death in our nation."

— Life Options Network

"I had the privilege of having Kim share her story at one of our banquets. She is not only articulate but she spoke with great sincerity and passion. Her message was powerful and reflected her immense love for her daughter and her Savior, Jesus Christ."

— New Life Pregnancy Center, Decatur, IL


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