John Morgan


John Morgan George Bush Impersonator

Gripping. Powerful. Effective. John is a rare phenomenon for Crisis Pregnancy Center Fundraisers, Christian Schools, and non-profits. First of all, he is a dead ringer for George W. Bush, and your people will feel like the former President dropped by to deliver your keynote. Not only is he a hilarious comedian who won the Gospel Music Association’s Comedian of the year award, he is very passionate about the Pro-Life cause. His powerful testimony of God freeing him from sin is gripping. His Wife Kathy’s powerful testimony of recovery from abortion, prostitution, and violent abuse is heartrending, and very effective in setting up your offering.

John begins his performance with a Presidential entrance, complete with a patriotic video, which leads into the grand “Hail to the Chief” music. John enters surrounded by ‘Secret Service Agents’ and everyone is surprised and delighted.

John’s comedy is hilarious, and obviously Christian and God honoring. He is a master on stage, and draws the audience into his comedic storytelling. Audiences are transfixed, because they are seeing something they’ve never seen before.

John drops hints that the most important part of the evening is still ahead, and his program is very encouraging, as he weaves in comments about the hero audience members. At just the right moment, John introduces himself and begins to share the story of his and his lovely wife Kathy’s journey.

Mixing in very good music through the evening, your donors will leave feeling encouraged, empowered and ministered to.

John is also a skilled and trained fund raiser who recently nearly doubled the average offering at a clinic in Kentucky.

John and his wife Kathy were born in Orlando, and went to rival High Schools. their romantic relationship began 38 years ago, and they raised up four sons and have 5 grandkids. John is also the author of two five star books, “My Life As A Bush…and my heart for imitating Jesus,” with forward by Mike Huckabee, and “War On Fear…what would you do if you were not afraid,” with forward by Alan Robertson of Duck Dynasty.

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Event Reviews

“We had an absolutely wonderful time! It's the most fun any of us have ever had at a banquet - including me. I don't usually have fun at our banquet. Too much to be doing and thinking and fretting about. John Morgan, AKA George W. Bush, is an absolute gem, which you already know. So easy to work with, and everyone was convinced, initially, that he really was GW. After they figured out he wasn't GW, they loved his act, and the laughter just kept on coming. It was so nice that he was not just an entertainer, but had a connection to our issue and a testimony to share. More than one person commented to me on that. I would highly recommend him to any pregnancy center or pro-life organization looking for a speaker, though I have to issue a caveat that is much more challenging to get people to come out to hear a Celebrity Mystery Speaker than it is a known quantity.”

— Tulare-Kings Right to Life

"Our guests loved Mr. Morgan! When he came in everyone was standing and whispering and taking out their phones… they were on the edge of their seat to know if it was really him… The feedback on our confirmation cards was overwhelmingly positive and people really enjoyed both what he shared as ‘W’ and his personal story of he and his wife. Several folks mentioned that was really impactful for them. Lots of our guests wanted pictures afterward and there was another event going on at the hotel, many of their guests wandered in to get pictures too."

— Tomball Pregnancy Center, TX

“Everyone had a great time as John was beyond our expectation in his delivery with humor, music parodies, and Bushism’s. He really got the crowd engaged and entertained. Perhaps the most powerful moment of the night was the fact that he shared his wife’s testimony and their heart for the unborn and women facing unplanned pregnancies.  Our donors had a great time taking photos with John and smiling the whole way through.  John and his wife where so generous with their time interacting with the crowd from the time they walked into the event until the program was over. They were gracious in caring for our donors and attendees making it a great evening for all including the staff!  The response for the appeal was the best ever for us!”

— First Coast Women’s Services


  • George "Dubya" Bush Impersonates PRESIDENT TRUMP: John C Morgan | Huckabee: 8.25 min

  • John Morgan: 2.72 min

  • John Morgan - Event Video Reference: 1.68 min




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