Jennifer Christie


Jennifer Christie

Jennifer Christie Raped on a Business Trip and Chose Life for Her Son

"But what about in cases of rape?" This question is often asked by those who advocate for abortion. We all know questions are best answered through stories, not talking points. Jennifer Christie has one of those stories. She was brutally attacked and raped while on a business trip. She began the hard road of recovery, and in the process, found out she was pregnant. Against the advice of doctors, close friends, and cultural influences, she decided to keep her child. 

Jennifer's story reminds us that God brings healing from pain and that children are part of the journey to recovery, not another obstacle for mothers to overcome. She says it best, "During a nightmare, I couldn't awake from, a child was conceived. This child had nothing to do with the attack on my body or the scars on my soul. He had everything to do with my healing – giving me a reason to hope. I did not save my son.  He saved me.”

I am not raising a "rapist's baby." I am raising my baby. He is the love that I pour into him. He is the love of my husband who is raising him and siblings who play with him and the grandparents who dote on him. He is all of these things and more. As unique as a fingerprint, he has something that is just him. And he's perfect.

Is he a reminder? He is. He's a reminder that, as women, we can be stronger than our circumstances. He's a reminder that beauty can come from darkness. And he's a reminder that how we began does not determine how we end."

Jennifer Christie is a nationally certified sign language interpreter whose story Raped on a Business Trip – My Husband and I Chose Life! went viral in December 2014 after it was published numerous publications, including Live Action, Lifesitenews and Savethe1, with over 1 million direct shares to Facebook. It's been translated into dozens of languages and has appeared across the globe.  Her 3-minute testimony before Iowa legislators in March 2018 on behalf of the Heartbeat Bill went viral as well.

Jennifer travels all over the United States presenting at rallies, fundraising banquets, pregnancy center events and pro-life conferences. She has been featured on EWTN, Ben Shapiro's The Daily Wire, Glenn Beck's radio program and The Blaze TV as well as numerous other media outlets. 

Jennifer's uplifting story of triumph in the face of tragedy will make you rethink how you view abortion and the "hard cases."

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Event Reviews

"After many years of multiple banquets and wonderful speakers, I have to say, Jennifer is one (if not THE) most impactful speakers we have ever had. I have had more guests than ever before comment on how much they loved and appreciated her sharing her story. I have actually had people attending our Fall Banquets ask if we are having the "same speaker" as we had at the Spring Banquet because they heard how wonderful she was and wanted to hear her. I have never had that happen before. Jennifer is not a powerful speaker because of her years of "training". She is a powerful speaker because she is REAL and she tells her story of LOVE with LOVE. I can't say it enough, Jennifer is an AMAZING woman!"

— Life Choices Pregnancy Care Center

"I can honestly say that Jennifer and Jeff have been two of (if not THE) best speakers we have ever had at March for Life UK. Their testimonies were profoundly moving and yet despite the harrowing nature of the story they were sharing it was also uplifting. They are easy to work with being so relaxed and friendly but very professional too - they are willing to help in any way they can and go the extra mile. The feedback I received from those who heard their testimony was 100% positive. They brought people to tears and also received a standing ovation. I cannot rate them highly enough."

— March for Life UK

"Jennifer Christie is undoubtedly a warrior—a force to be reckoned with—someone who is always willing to go to bat for life! “Love Louder” is a motto that has attached itself to her story. Is that not the epitome of everything I just described of Jennifer? She loves, and this love comes from a place of true gentleness. And yet, the warrior within her is the one that is determined for that love to be louder than the hate. Louder than the pain. Louder than the doubts. And louder than any force that may come against life. This is why I, a fellow warrior & friend, stand with Jennifer Christie."

— Marty Mandak

"This was our first event in a few years and we knew that we wanted someone who was aligned with our organizational beliefs. Someone that would speak truth to our supporters as well as to our community, and someone who would present the gospel. Jennifer was the perfect person for our event! Her story made a huge impact on our people and her message has still left ripples weeks after. It was so important for our community to hear this message of hope and restoration as well as to stand firm that life needs to be protected at all stages and in all situations."

— The Perry Center


  • Pregnant from rape:Jennifer Christie's story on Live Action: 4.92 min

  • Jennifer & Jeff Christie's Address at the March For Life 2018: 11.63 min

  • Jeff and Jennifer Christie - March for Life UK 2019: 35.45 min

  • Rape Survivor Chooses Life for Son: 7.00 min

  • BABL 2021 - Jennifer Christie: 55.67 min




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