Jeff Kemp


Jeff Kemp Former NFL Quarterback and Author of Facing the Blitz

Jeff Kemp is a champion for strengthening relationships. He calls men to their identity in Christ and to champion benevolent manhood, marriage and fathering.

After graduating from Dartmouth College, Jeff joined the National Football League (NFL) as an undrafted free agent. He and his dad, the late Vice-Presidential candidate and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Jack Kemp, became the first of only six sets of NFL father-son quarterbacks. Growing up, Jeff was surrounded by football, politics and national leaders. In his 11 years in the NFL, Jeff quarterbacked for the Rams, Forty-Niners, Seahawks and Eagles. He earned his MBA in the off-seasons, coached his sons’ youth teams and campaigned for his dad’s presidential nomination.

Jeff’s football career was a rollercoaster, travelling from fourth string to first string, from the bench to the playoffs and from winning to getting traded. He’s beaten the blitz on Monday Night Football and been cut midseason as a starting QB. He worked intently to help his teams and teammates on and off the field. Those highs, lows and epic team experiences set the stage for a career of serving others, building teamwork and helping people overcome adversity.

Jeff loved being a football player but learned his identity was elsewhere. He left the NFL with his identity grounded in Christ. He then founded and led Stronger Families to improve the lives of children by virtue of strengthening marriages and families.

From 2012 to 2017, Jeff served as a Vice President and Catalyst for Helping Others at FamilyLife, a leading ministry supporting marriages, families and the church.

Jeff does a lot of speaking to groups like the Billy Graham Crusade, governor’s prayer breakfasts, as well as businesses and men’s conferences. His mission through Jeff Kemp Team is investing in relationships and teamwork - helping men, marriages and teams in ministry and business.

Jeff’ first book, Facing the Blitz- Three Strategies for Turning Trials into Triumphs, was released in 2015.

Early in his NFL career, Jeff married Stacy. Their great joy is family - four sons, three daughters-in-law and one grandson. They enjoy mentoring young couples, playing tennis, skiing and speaking for FamilyLife marriage getaways.

Jeff's presentations include:

Faith and Life:

My Personal Faith Journey – emptiness of success, value of life’s blitzes, contrasts in value systems and unconditional reconciling love

Facing the Blitz: Turning Trials into Triumph

Marriage and Relationships:

The Ultimate Team: How Marriage Works When We Work at Marriage

Don’t Fly Blind: Love, Sex and Marriage (for younger or college groups)

Beyond Consumer Marriage: Overcoming the Culture and Becoming a Relationship Investor

Why Knot: Marriage Matters to Us All—Our Economy, Society, and Freedom

Parenting and Legacy:

Parenting with Purpose

The Handoff: Passing on a Legacy of Leadership and Love

Rites of Passage

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Event Reviews

"Jeff is an amazing speaker! His presentation was one of the best we have heard. He incorporated the premise of his book, Facing the Blitz, into the everyday situations that pregnancy centers face each day. He used it to challenge our attendees into not only supporting the center but to volunteer to mentor the girls and guys we see. He brought out the lack of knowledge our young people have about sex and the consequences they face because of it. He used Scripture to point out the need to serve and even reminded our elected officials they should be humble in their service. His message encompassed the very work of Heartbeat in our community and our needs in a seamless way. His appeal for donations WAS THE BEST EVER! There are not enough ways to say Jeff Kemp was the best speaker we have had. Every one of our attendees praised him and told us this was our best banquet ever. He provided a new insight into Heartbeat and our attendees walked away saying, 'For the first time, I truly understand the work and challenges of Heartbeat'."

— Heartbeat of Nacogdoches

"Thank you for your Spirit-filled/led ministry in the CBN Chapel. The Lord used you in so many wonderful ways that day! We are still quoting you, recalling your servant-example, and reflecting on the “dignity/honor” message your wife spoke into your life. I am personally indebted to you for advancing the Spirit’s work in my own life. Our viewers and we in the chapel owe you a debt of love."

— Vice President/CBN Chaplain 

"Jeff Kemp was an amazing speaker for both our outreach breakfast and inaugural fund raising banquet.  More importantly, Jeff is an authentic leader, effective communicator and has a passionate focus regarding fatherhood, marriage and leadership at all levels of our communities and nation.  He was a personal encouragement to my board and me and will be considered a life-long friend to CITYCommit and an influencer in Southwest Florida."

— President and Co-founder of CITYCommit

"Jeff's talks were very well received by the guys in Manhattan. Tons of good feedback! The emphasis on open, transparent relationships syncs well with NCS culture.  Look forward to connecting about how we could partner more in the future."

— New Canaan Society, NYC


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