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Heather Lawless CEO and Founder of Reliance Ministries

Heather’s own life was in jeopardy when her mother was instructed by her doctors and family to abort because her body couldn’t survive a pregnancy. God had “dibs” on Heather’s life and by His grace and against all odds her mother chose life. In her late teen years Heather found herself going from relationship to relationship to find love and comfort. She was married, divorced, and facing her own unplanned pregnancy by the time she was 23. Heather chose life for her child and is now blessed with a beautiful 18-year-old daughter. After two marriages ending in divorce and then a single Mom of a 1-year-old, Heather made the choice to finally surrender all her Life to Jesus and from then on everything started to change.

Heather served as the Director of Development for a local Pregnancy Resource center for five years and her passion for helping women and families grew. Her desire to promise to be there for them and then “prove it” became like a fire in her heart. It was then that the vision for Reliance Ministries (a 4-part holistic model to help women and men facing unplanned pregnancies, possible STD’s, and unexpected life circumstances) was born.

Heather communicates with a fire and passion. She speaks boldly and unashamedly about her past and about God’s mercy and grace that has brought her to where she is now, she also communicates a fierce PRO-LOVE message, encouraging people to love first above all else. “Truth and Grace” is her motto because we need to have both…in equal parts, to make a difference.

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Event Reviews

Listening to Heather Lawless communicate with passion and precision about the value of life stirred my soul. She knows what she's talking about and is a fearless visionary for moms, babies, and families. She's doing "pro-life" the right way; Love, Compassion, Action. Like a pillar of fire in the wilderness, I believe Heather will lead many out of a culture of death and darkness and into the land of light and life.

— Kirk Cameron, Actor

"I recently had the opportunity to hear Heather Lawless shared her story with a large group of women of all ages and I was impressed at her candor in telling her story with such energy. Heather’s gift of public speaking allows her to speak the truth in a forthright but nonjudgmental manner. Participants were clearly moved by her humor and her passion."

— Mary Cole, Journey with Christ Board Member

"Heather has blessed so many people with her personal stories, told in light of humility and grace and pointing to what Jesus Christ has done in her. I personally appreciate and can relate to Heather because of her transparency and humor. She has been well discipled and schooled in the scriptures which had the necessary foundation and strength to her testimonies and teaching. You will find her a delightful speaker."

— Pastor Kriss Bottino, Washtucna Community Church

"Heather, is a lioness for Christ. In that, she wears the strength of the Lord, as she roars out his messages. What God has placed on Heather’s heart, as passions, she jumps in - feet first. She has a very whimsical way of portraying how, in circumstances with her neck just above water, she treads and stays afloat. Another wonderful part about hearing her speak is that she speaks of her realness. Any issue that is currently in her forefront, whether it be women issues, marriage challenges, saving babies, friendship circumstances, or relationship tests, she shares freely with the confidence of the Lord. Those audiences might be family, social medial, work environments, church bodies, or speaking audiences. Heather is ‘Pro-Jesus' and 'Pro-life'! She loves Jesus and she loves life! I believe, that is why, she is such a tremendous advocate for Pro-life. The number of young women that have received Jesus’s love, through Heather and her programs, are countless. Heather writes out the plan God places on her heart, for each speaking engagement. She comes prepared. She does her homework and she always brings truth to the stage. With that said, God finds a unique way to bring humor into Heather’s speeches and interactions. I see the Joy of the Lord in Heather. I am confident her audiences do as well."

— Kathleen Ann Marchant, Christian Author

"Heather is a powerhouse in the Pro-Life movement and has a compelling message of hope and courage that will spark your attendees to ACTION - whether it's to volunteer or give. She is a great speaker that will energize your community to get involved in the movement and has great first-hand experience of witnessing hundreds of women choose life because of love. Her passion is contagious!"

— Amy Ford, Founder and President of Embrace Grace

Heather has a fearless drive to serve the women who are unseen, underserved and unheard. She is pioneering change not only in her community but throughout the nation. She is personable, funny, and bold. Her spark will ignite a fire in your audience to do something, say something and be something. Heather served at our ProLife Women's Conference by sharing her vision to duplicate the Hope Model across the country. She's not a taker, she's a giver - she's stewarding what God has given her by building His Kingdom and she's determined to do it one heart at a time. Her passion for life is contagious - and that's something we all want to spread right now!

— Pam Whitehead, ProLove Ministries


  • Heather Lawless: 8.83 min




Ambassador was great to work with. Everyone was extremely prompt, professional, and friendly! — Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry


I love working with all of you because you truly care and take care of all that needs to be taken care…You are awesome! — C. C. Hope House and The Grabriel Project


This is the 4th year we have used Ambassador for booking our banquet speaker.  Service is always great! — Pregnancy Help Center of Artesia


Gloria is always a joy to work with!  Her positive attitude and energy is just what I needed to calm me during the last few days prior to the event! — Pregnancy Support Center of Southside Virginia