Eileen Smith


Eileen Smith Daughter died from an abortion procedure

Eileen says she feels “empowered, emboldened and emblazoned by the Holy Spirit” to speak, not to the secular world, but to the church with a message that the Lord has given her for this time. Eileen has said the rest of her life will be spent for "Life" as she tirelessly travels with her message. “Every time I speak, I believe I put another nail in the coffin of the abortion industry”. Abortion can end in our lifetime, she believes and impassionedly, she tells you how.

Eileen Smith received a “Baptism of Fire” and became a crusader for the Pro-Life Movement almost overnight when her 22 yr old adopted daughter, Laura, died during an abortion proceedure on Sept. 13th, 2007. Laura was raised in a Christian, pro-life home and was pro-life her throughout her life. The moment Eileen heard of her death, she prayed that the Lord would bring something good out of her death so she could bear it. Faithful to answer prayer, the Lord set about giving Eileen opportunity to speak about Laura’s story all over the country almost immediately and with amazing results.

Laura’s story is one that will move you as you hear the “beauty from ashes” as told from a mother‘s heart. Eileen’s desire is to speak to pastors, parents, educators and adolescents with her message. Even those already active in the pro-life movement have told her they have been energized and recommit themselves with new fervor to the cause after hearing her speak.

Eileen has been featured on many national media interviews including Fox News, Janet Parshall’s America, Facing Life TV, Concerned Women of America, and many more.

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“She is very personable and makes many friends along the way.  She toured our Center the day of the event and was just like one of the volunteers.  Her message speaks hope and conviction and is a 'wake up call' to many.”

— Bowling Green Pregnancy Center


  • Mrs. Smith in Tucson Part 1 of 2: 9.68 min

  • Mrs. Smith in Tucson part 2 of 2: 8.17 min




Gloria is always a joy to work with!  Her positive attitude and energy is just what I needed to calm me during the last few days prior to the event! — Pregnancy Support Center of Southside Virginia


Ambassador, your team is AWESOME! Your turn-key service allows us to focus on the other elements of our events. — Orchards Community Church


Ambassador was great to work with. Everyone was extremely prompt, professional, and friendly! — Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry


We appreciate your willingness to jump in at the last minute. You clearly understood the urgency of our situation, and responded quickly with a list of available speakers who fit our needs. You demonstrated a genuine personal desire to help solve our problem. After we selected a speaker, you made the process easy instead of requiring us to jump through numerous hoops. — CTI Group Adventure