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Eddie DeGarmo Contemporary Christian music recording artist, producer and singer

Eddie DeGarmo has sold millions of records as an artist in a genre he helped to invent, millions as a record label executive and entrepreneur, and impacted hundreds of millions of people as a music publisher. Throughout his over fifty years in music, DeGarmo has had a storied career with success as an artist, songwriter, producer, and businessman. He was one of the leading pioneers of contemporary Christian music as part of rock duo DeGarmo & Key, which was recently inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. 

He started mixing his newfound teenaged faith with rock and roll, the only music that felt natural to him, long before religious folks were ready for drums and amps. His band, DeGarmo & Key, slogged it out on the road for years, taking arrows from both the sanctified and the secular before breaking through as one of the most successful bands of the genre. During his 17 years with D&K and a successful solo endeavor, DeGarmo sold millions of albums and garnered 9 Grammy nominations and dozens of Dove Award nominations.

He went on to co-found ForeFront Records, where he developed multi-platinum selling and Grammy-winning artists such as dc Talk, Stacie Orrico, Audio Adrenaline, Geoff Moore and the Distance and Rebecca St. James. He was then recruited to lead the largest faith-based music publisher Capitol CMG Publishing. Under his supervision, the company went on to change the face of “Modern Worship” music.

He with DeGarmo and Key was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame on the same day as his Memphis hometown hero, Johnny Cash. Eddie and Susan enjoy their daughters, son in laws, and grandkids in Nashville, TN.

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Event Reviews

“ Pioneer. Trailblazer. Legend. Visionary. Artist. Executive. Mentor. Friend. Fol¬lower of Christ. These are just some of the words I use to describe Eddie DeGarmo. I am so happy he has written down his incredible life story and journey. This book is a joyride to read. The Scripture says in Proverbs, ‘We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.’ This is most certainly true of Eddie, and you will read it all in Rebel for God.”

— Chris Tomlin, artist, songwriter, author

“ Eddie DeGarmo has been a pioneer in translating the unchanging message of Christ in the ever-changing musical genres of contemporary music. Had it not been for guys like DeGarmo and Key being willing to risk the scorn of some pastors and churches to share the Gospel in a musical language that people like me understood, I’m not sure where my own Christian life would have gone. In addition to award-winning and life-changing music he wrote and performed, Eddie DeGarmo has successfully spent the second half of his adult life opening the doors for some of the top Christian artists in the world. His own music would have been enough for most people, but he has unselfishly invested himself in others and multiplied the reach of music as a medium for reaching the masses. You have loved his music. You will love the story behind the music and the many people he helped you to love in Rebel for God.”

— Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, host of Huckabee on TBN

“ If it wasn’t for Eddie DeGarmo, I’m not sure that my music ministry would have ever taken flight! In the pages of Rebel for God you will discover the fascinating story of a leader and musical innovator, someone who is wise, visionary, and passionate about God. For this man I am profoundly grateful!”

— Rebecca St. James, singer/author




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