Denisha Workizer


Denisha Workizer Abortion Survivor

Denisha Workizer is a passionate advocate for life. She discovered as an adult that she survived her mother’s abortion attempts, both a chemical abortion and a DNC abortion. She offers a transparent look into her life as she found out this life-altering information. As an abortion survivor, Denisha brings a unique voice to humanize the unborn.

She worked for twenty years in professional leadership and corporate management before becoming an ordained minister. She served as a minister at her church for ten years and most recently followed her passion for becoming an advocate for life. 

After founding Reclaimed Story, Inc., an Arizona non-profit organization to help women reclaim their stories after a painful past, in addition to her work in biblical counseling, she is a certified Trauma-Informed Coach. Denisha hosts a weekly podcast, Living the Reclaimed Life, and is actively part of the Abortion Survivors Network. Her love of people and relentless optimism brings hope to others, which excites and energizes her. 

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Event Reviews

"Denisha has a great testimony and shares it in a very compelling way. Our guests loved her!"

— Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic, WA

"Our revenue was double what it has been for our other annual events. I am sure the monetary success was due in part to the compelling nature of her (Denisha's) presentation and her ability to explain our financial ask at the end."

— Pregnancy Hope Center, OR

"Denisha was WONDERFUL for our event! She is the 'real deal' with personal interactions and extremely professional in her ability to navigate her presentation time and style to match our needs! We loved having her as our keynote speaker!"

— Pregnancy Help Center, TX

"Denisha was amazing to work with. We have continued to get complements about what a great speaker Denisha was!"

— Care Net Pregnancy Center of Cochise County, AZ

"Denisha was a delight to work with. She was transparent and caught the audience attention quickly. It was a blessing to have her visit the center to actually see how and what we do and meet the staff. She was able to tie that into her presentation. She was easy to talk with and was very responsive when I had to text her or call her. All the responses of our surveys said she did an amazing job!"

— Ventura County Crisis Pregnancy Center, CA

"Denisha is so much more than a speaker to book for your event, she truly is a ministry partner. She was praying for our center and interested in the challenges and successes leading up to the event. She made a point of specifically learning about our center, our community, so as to truly be connected with what we are doing. Her servant leadership pours out as she humbly finds ways to be a helping hand in the pre-event chaos that invariably takes over. Literally, she tied ribbons around envelopes so I could catch my breath and have a bite of pizza. When it comes to her talk, her quick wit and easy-going demeanor quickly have the audience captivated right from the jump, and from there she gracefully guides the room through heartache and healing all glory to God. Denisha is an excellent speaker, a lovely human, and an inspiring example of what it means to live in this world following Christ."

— Pregnancy Resource Center, WA

"Denisha spent time with us and got to know our center. Denisha's presentation was moving and heartfelt. She was able to tailor it to our center on very short notice. We highly recommend her."

— Care Net Pregnancy Center of Las Cruces, NM


  • Denisha Workizer, Dilation & Curettage Abortion Survivor: 2.55 min

  • Denisha Workizer at Empowered by Life, July 2021: 6.80 min

  • Denisha Workizer Abortion Survivor: 42.05 min




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This is the 4th year we have used Ambassador for booking our banquet speaker.  Service is always great! — Pregnancy Help Center of Artesia


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