Bruce Marchiano


Bruce Marchiano

Bruce Marchiano Actor, Author, and Speaker

Bruce Marchiano is an actor, director, author and speaker best known for his actor’s portrayal of Jesus in The Gospel of Matthew and the Pure Flix hit, The Encounter. His passion for introducing people to the person of Jesus. This informs his life on and off screen. 

Bruce’s experience portraying Jesus in Matthew was life-changing, even as his portrayal introduced us to a Jesus filled with compassion and joy. Bruce also founded Marchiano Ministries, a non-profit ministry principally serving rural villages and impoverished children in South Africa. 

As a speaker, Bruce began receiving invitations to speak across America and the globe, in venues from church services to universities, conferences, banquets, etc. Bruce’s speaking centers on the heart of Jesus. In the pro-life arena, the heart of Jesus for the unborn. He desires to show God's love to all, including those still in the womb.

Bruce’s other credits include Murder She Wrote, Colombo, L.A. Law, Days of Our Lives… to name just a few. His list of Christian and Biblical films are numerous; Acts of the Apostles, This is Our Time, Road to Emmaus, The Last Supper, Revelation Road, For Love’s Sake… and many more, including the current spin-off series, The Encounter. Turning his talents to the cause of life, he most recently produced and directed the pro-life film, Alison’s Choice, which Live Action News calls “the most overtly pro-life movie that has been created.” 

As an author, Bruce has penned several books on Jesus, including Jesus, the Man Who Loved Women and the bestselling In the Footsteps of Jesus. Consequently, he’s witnessed hundreds of thousands of people overwhelmed by God’s grace.

 Dr. Jack Hayford writes, “I believe Bruce Marchiano is a gift to the Body of Christ.  As his pastor of many years, I can tell you that his work in film is not a job, but a ministry.” Kay Arthur says, “Bruce’s telling of the great depths of God’s love moved me to tears.”

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