Brian and Pam Wheelock


Brian and Pam Wheelock




Brian and Pam Wheelock TV Hosts and Speakers on Same-sex Attraction and Purity

Formerly gay, God gave Brian Wheelock a vision of his future that included a wife and three daughters.

For more than ten years, Brian Wheelock was fully immersed in the homosexual lifestyle of pornography, lust, and self-gratification, and was quick to argue that he had been “born this way.” Never truly at peace, he struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. Then one night, a vision of his future—including a wife and daughters—changed everything.

As the Lord began to speak to Brian’s lonely heart, Brian felt embraced by His love, accepted fully, even though he was aware of his sinfulness. Soon after, he gave his life to the Lord and felt lead to write out a Covenant between himself and God for a new beginning. Brian prayed daily that his attraction and desire for men was taken away and replaced with love for Jesus. Day after day, Brian would sign his name to the Covenant, renewing his promise and belief in God’s faithfulness.

After a few years of following Christ, he met and fell in love with Pam. Their courtship was committed to purity. In fact, their first real kiss was the day he proposed, and then they decided to even give kissing back to God until their wedding day.

Today Brian and Pam are blessed with three incredible daughters. They actively minister to those who feel they have unwanted Same-Sex Attraction, and to young couples who are struggling with where to “draw the line” in their dating relationships.

Brian and Pam desire to see the church change their ways in how they are treating those who identify as homosexual. Brian’s journey of leaving his gay identity was both incredible and challenging, and he truly believes God called him out of that lifestyle. However, it wasn’t someone quoting a “don’t be gay” Bible verse that won him over. It was the love and power of Christ and the fellowship and love from other believers that made him realize he truly desired to be set free: “If the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed” (John 8:36).  

Their marriage of over fifteen years is a miracle from God. Being able to speak openly about the past and letting God heal all wounds as they minister to others is truly His grace at work. It only takes one look at his daughters for Brian to be truly in awe of what the Lord has done. His wife and three girls are a living testament to the blessings that await a life fully yielded to Him and Brian is currently working on a book about his incredible journey.

Brian and Pam love taking their kids on long road trips in their minivan whenever possible. They often counsel other couples on the secrets to a happy marriage and host a talk/reality show about their adventurous life—The Brian & Pam Show—reaching nearly 500,000 homes. They reside with their three daughters and dog, Willow, in New Jersey, where Pam works in advertising, and Brian, a former salesman and 9/11 First Responder (EMT), is now a stay-at-home Dad where his days are quite packed with what he calls ‘blessed insanity.’

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Event Reviews

"We hosted Brain and Pam as part of a month long series on Sexuality in a Broken World. Our staff all agreed that their story was engaging, filled with hope, honest, and Gospel focused! It was obvious from the response of our people ( a receiving line that lasted 2 hours after the service) that their story affected many of our people in various ways. We were blessed to have them and they have a story that needs to be heard!"

— Pastor Rick Plucknett


  • Brian & Pam: Freedom March DC 2019: 8.12 min

  • Leaving Brian’s Gay Identity: ‘Family Friendly’ Talk with Brian & Pam: 43.97 min

  • Brian Wheelock (First Responder to Ground Zero) gives Keynote speech at 9/11 Memorial (2019): 13.45 min




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