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B Haley Founder of We Are 1 Movement

B Haley grew up on the inner city streets of St. Louis, MO, 3 miles from Ferguson, MO, where the notorious riots took place. He walked down destructive paths filled with violence in an ‘every man for himself’ environment. B was saved by the grace of God during that time, and his life has never been the same. God led B to Nashville where he has been part of one of the most renowned Christian bands of all time- TobyMac and the DiverseCity band- as TobyMac’s drummer. During that time, God gave B a vision that he hasn’t been able to shake. A vision for our world to live united and come together. To put down the many differences that divide us and pick up the one thing that unites us- LOVE. Armed with a blazing passion to make this world a better place through unity, the We Are 1 Movement was birthed.

B is a father of 4 beautiful daughters; two are in college, one lives in Florida, and B lives in Nashville with his wife and youngest daughter. B is excited to share this message of hope and love with the next generation. He is available for youth and men’s events, chapels, camps, and church wide events.

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Event Reviews

"B Haley did amazing at our event called @MACU because he was able to speak life into our students and the visiting youth groups. The We Are One Movement has an amazing message that needs to be heard everywhere. The youth that attended the event were touched by his message and the love of God was felt throughout that event. We would love to have B Haley and his people back! They have been amazing to work with!"

— Mid-Atlantic Christian University

“A great speaker is someone who can walk on a stage and grab the attention of every person in their seats. B Haley continues to did that at all the Premier Festivals he’s spoken at for us . Our audience heard a great relevant message of God presented in an exciting way- We Are One!”

— Premier Festivals

"We were truly blessed to have B Haley as our special guest. B spoke to our youth on Long Island at a special rally. B also preached at two Sunday morning services for us at Axis church. His ability to connect with the younger generation was outstanding. The message of unity that he brought to our church was filled with passion, truth and God's word. He was also someone that you could easily become friends with and felt a connection too right away!! His friendliness and respect for those who invited him was refreshing!! Without question I would highly recommend B Haley as a special speaker at your church or event!”

— AXIS Church, Long Island, NY

“B Haley brought a message and love and unity with him when he spoke for 1M Project community event. His passion for all to know that we are united for 1 purpose was clear and powerful. B's stage presence is electric and his off the stage presence is genuine. The 1M Project is united with him in his vision to see us all become 1 in Christ.”

— One Million Starts With One

“I was blessed by the opportunity to hear Mr. Haley speak in Arizona at my benefit concert. His passion and fire to encourage and lift others up is refreshing! He lives out life with a clean heart and a desire to be an unstoppable force for changing lives. Through his testimony, Mr. Haley uses his past challenges to conquer his success in the future. God Bless!”

— Albert Pujols

“It was very impactful and uplifting when B Haley spoke to the teenage students at the Cabarrus County Opportunity School in Concord, North Carolina. As a man who endured challenges that some of the students are going through now, he got them to see that tough times can lead to new beginnings. He showed them that new beginnings start with loving yourself, and then loving others to make the world a better place.”

— Officer Scott Medlin

“B.Haley's message of love and unity has come into our festival community at a time when our audiences are struggling to make sense of a divisive culture of in the face of God's principal command to love one another. His words challenge us to reject and resist the forces that divide us and run toward (and cling to) cling to those that unite us. I believe that B.Haley has been anointed to speak into all of our lives at such a time as this - clearly, optimistically, hopefully, and confidently. We are 1, indeed!”

— Christian Festival Association

“Last year we had the privilege of having B. Haley speak at our chapel at Providence Christian Academy. Everyone in attendance was blessed by hearing his message about love and unity. B Haley’s enthusiasm and energy captured the attention of all ages in attendance. His powerful message about love, unity, and building a community of 1 will be remembered and implemented on our campus as our mission parallels his message-Love like Jesus. PCA is honored to be a part of the WE ARE 1 Movement!”

— Providence Christian Academy


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We appreciate your willingness to jump in at the last minute. You clearly understood the urgency of our situation, and responded quickly with a list of available speakers who fit our needs. You demonstrated a genuine personal desire to help solve our problem. After we selected a speaker, you made the process easy instead of requiring us to jump through numerous hoops. — CTI Group Adventure


Gloria is always a joy to work with!  Her positive attitude and energy is just what I needed to calm me during the last few days prior to the event! — Pregnancy Support Center of Southside Virginia


Ambassador was great to work with. Everyone was extremely prompt, professional, and friendly! — Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry


I love working with all of you because you truly care and take care of all that needs to be taken care…You are awesome! — C. C. Hope House and The Grabriel Project