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Alison Centofante, Founder of Centofante Strategies, LLC, a Huntsville, AL-based consulting firm, is a child advocacy innovator, in-demand public speaker, activist, and writer with over ten years of experience speaking on abortion, marriage, human dignity, and religious freedom. Centofante has been featured on Fox News, ABC, NPR, The Christian Broadcasting Network, and other national and international media outlets. Her work and expert perspective has been published in Yahoo News, Business Insider, Buzzfeed, National Review Online, Fox News, World Magazine, Red Alert Politics, and The Federalist. Alison most recently served as Director of External Affairs at Live Action, a nonprofit organization with the largest digital footprint in the global pro-life movement. Prior to that, Alison served as Director of Alliance Relations at Alliance Defending Freedom, a global legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, marriage, family, parental rights, and the sanctity of life. She started her work in Washington, D.C. as Communications Director at Concerned Women for America, the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization. ​​Alison was named to Red Alert Politics “30 under 30” and Christianity Today’s Readers Choice “33 under Thirty-Three.” Find Alison on Twitter at @AlisonHowardC, Instagram at @alison_centofante, and Facebook at

A Glimpse Into Her Story

Inviting Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) of Roe v. Wade to her college to speak was a turning point moment in her life. To hear from the very woman whose unplanned pregnancy was used to legalize abortion speak of the horrific nature of abortion and her conversion to being pro-life moved Alison to tears. She would never want a woman to feel so abandoned and used by the pro-abortion industry.

Alison remembers going home from that semester and learning that her own father, himself an orphan, had been a part of an unplanned pregnancy from before he was saved. He told her “Ali they told us it was a clump of cells. That’s exactly what they said.” His confession to her and before God, led Alison down a path to help end the violence against children and the pain abortion causes men and women. She soon found herself in Washington, D.C. working to draw attention to the greatest human rights abuse of her day.

Serving in the pro-life movement, Alison has seen how education and encouragement can get others on the path to prolife activism and lives saved. She has used her voice at local youth groups to national stages to remind people that each life has a unique purpose. Having grown up in a Northern predominantly secular public school arena before working in D.C. for a decade, Alison is able to reach a broad demographic, speaking to everyone from inner-city youth to elected government officials.

As a speaker, Alison gets how important it is to have a speaker that can cast a vision and call the audience to action. She loves to empower audiences to be closely involved in the pro-life movement in their own unique way. Alison speaks nationally to a varied audience including political conferences, ministry events, pro-life and adoption conferences, and pregnancy center benefits. She is happy to come alongside you to figure out how to motivate your activists to action, your donors to give, and recruit new faces to join your work.   Alison speaks nationally to a varied audience including political conferences, ministry events, pro-life and adoption conferences, and pregnancy center benefits.  She speaks across the country on the topics above and loves catering her talks to the individual needs of her audience.  


Alison and her husband are the proud parents of two little girls.

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Event Reviews

Alison delivered a powerful and inspiring keynote address at our 2021 Fundraising Banquet. Throughout the planning process, Alison was attentive to our goals and thoughtful about what to include in her talking points. She took the time to visit our College Residence and speak with clients. As a result, our banquet was a tremendous success. Thank you, Alison!"

— Mira Via Pregnancy Care Center, N.C.

“As business leaders, nonprofit directors, and national speakers ourselves, we know the value a powerful, dynamic speaker brings to an event. Alison is the tiny girl with big energy - captivating an audience till the very end. She brings real-world experience and a uniquely invested heart to every stage.”

— David & Jason Benham, Best-selling authors, Nationally-acclaimed entrepreneurs


  • GOSNELL 2.0 - Missouri abortion clinic fails health regulations: 5.00 min

  • MiraVia's 27th Annual Banquet "Proclaiming Truth and Life" - Alison Centofante's keynote speech: 35.85 min

  • Abortion and Millennials - Interview with Allie Beth Stuckey: 18.28 min

  • Live Action responds to verbal attack from abortion activist on Tucker Carlson: 4.48 min

  • Breaking down the pro life and pro abortion laws: 5.03 min

  • How to Defend Life: Hard Questions For The Hard Cases | Alison Centofante | Live Action: 25.70 min

  • Bernie Sanders Walks Away When Confronted by Pro-Life Activist: 1.05 min

  • Alison Centofante Media Reel: 4.03 min




Ambassador was great to work with. Everyone was extremely prompt, professional, and friendly! — Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Ambassador, your team is AWESOME! Your turn-key service allows us to focus on the other elements of our events. — Orchards Community Church


Gloria is always a joy to work with!  Her positive attitude and energy is just what I needed to calm me during the last few days prior to the event! — Pregnancy Support Center of Southside Virginia


We appreciate your willingness to jump in at the last minute. You clearly understood the urgency of our situation, and responded quickly with a list of available speakers who fit our needs. You demonstrated a genuine personal desire to help solve our problem. After we selected a speaker, you made the process easy instead of requiring us to jump through numerous hoops. — CTI Group Adventure