Jeff Kemp


Jeff Kemp Former NFL Quarterback and Author of Facing the Blitz

Jeff Kemp is a quarterback for the family. He is an Ivy League graduate who played 11 seasons as a Quarterback in the National Football League with the Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco Forty-Niners, Seattle Seahawks and the Philadelphia Eagles. Today he is more passionate than ever about strengthening marriages and families and bringing groups and teams together for exciting results.

In 2012 Jeff joined FamilyLife as a Vice President and Catalyst for helping others strengthen families. FamilyLife, based in Little Rock, AR. is a national ministry leader in resources to build and enrich marriages and families along with radio outreach, marriage conferences and other resources to heal and strengthen families. Prior to joining FamilyLife, Jeff founded and led a dynamic organization, named Stronger Families, in the Pacific Northwest from 1993- 2010.

Jeff is a Dartmouth-educated MBA from a widely-respected political family. His leadership, compassion and inspiration are a part of his legacy.

He and his father Jack Kemp (former Vice-Presidential candidate and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development) were the first of only six sets of father/son NFL quarterbacks. Jeff entered the league as a free agent and quarterbacked for the Rams, Forty-Niners, Seahawks, and Eagles before turning the 11 years of experience into service for others.

Persevering through the highs and lows of eleven years in the NFL gave Jeff valuable insights on servant leadership, committed teamwork, and overcoming adversity. Today, he passes on those lessons as he illuminates God’s blueprints for manhood, marriage, and family.

Jeff and his wife Stacy have been married for over 30 years and have four sons who Jeff enjoyed coaching in various sports, especially football, while they were growing up. Jeff is an avid mountain biker and snow skier. He and Stacy enjoy mentoring young couples.

Jeff's presentations include:

Faith and Life:

My Personal Faith Journey – emptiness of success, value of life’s blitzes, contrasts in value systems and unconditional reconciling love

Facing the Blitz: Turning Trials into Triumph

Marriage and Relationships:

The Ultimate Team: How Marriage Works When We Work at Marriage

Don’t Fly Blind: Love, Sex and Marriage (for younger or college groups)

Beyond Consumer Marriage: Overcoming the Culture and Becoming a Relationship Investor

Why Knot: Marriage Matters to Us All—Our Economy, Society, and Freedom

Parenting and Legacy:

Parenting with Purpose

The Handoff: Passing on a Legacy of Leadership and Love

Rites of Passage

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Event Reviews

"Thank you for your Spirit-filled/led ministry in the CBN Chapel. The Lord used you in so many wonderful ways that day! We are still quoting you, recalling your servant-example, and reflecting on the “dignity/honor” message your wife spoke into your life. I am personally indebted to you for advancing the Spirit’s work in my own life. Our viewers and we in the chapel owe you a debt of love."

— Vice President/CBN Chaplain 

"Jeff Kemp was an amazing speaker for both our outreach breakfast and inaugural fund raising banquet.  More importantly, Jeff is an authentic leader, effective communicator and has a passionate focus regarding fatherhood, marriage and leadership at all levels of our communities and nation.  He was a personal encouragement to my board and me and will be considered a life-long friend to CITYCommit and an influencer in Southwest Florida."

— President and Co-founder of CITYCommit

"Jeff's talks were very well received by the guys in Manhattan. Tons of good feedback! The emphasis on open, transparent relationships syncs well with NCS culture.  Look forward to connecting about how we could partner more in the future."

— New Canaan Society, NYC


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