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Austin, TX


- Pro-Life Speaker, Fundraiser, Activist
- Former Abortion Clinic Owner
- Founder & President of The Heidi Group


Carol Everett’s life has been entrenched in women’s reproductive health choices. Her unplanned pregnancy at 16, six years of selling abortions to other women to justify her own, thirty-five thousand abortions, the death of one woman and major surgery on 19 abortion patients brought Carol to a crossroads. She experienced a life-altering change when she came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in 1983.

Carol uses her experiences and faith to help women who face reproductive crises with positive, life-affirming options. The Heidi Group partners with these women and their families to meet the needs of a crisis pregnancy with scriptural solutions. Once the baby’s life is secure, immediate needs must be met such as stabilizing the family and helping secure resources to cover basic needs. Long-term plans to facilitate a positive, self-sufficient future, spiritually and economically, are determined on an individual basis.  Carol’s ultimate goal is to lead women and families to secure lives in Christ and economic stability.

Carol believes the Lord gave her a three point plan:
             -Defund abortion providers of tax dollars (in Texas, then the nation
             -Require abortion facilities to meet the safety standards of Ambulatory
              Surgical Centers

            - Create a network of life-affirming health care providers across Texas

The first point has been accomplished and is even now being finalized in Texas.  The second point was rejected by the Supreme Court.  In 2016, she began working toward the third point of facilitating health care to low income women across Texas.

Carol has shared her testimony on national broadcasting programs with Mike Huckabee of Fox News, Matt and Laurie Crouch of Trinity Broadcasting Network, Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, Point of View, Truths that Transform, and Pat Robertson of the 700 Club, to name a few.

Carol’s metamorphosis from hardened pro-choicer to a loving pro-life advocate is detailed in the book, Blood Money – Getting Rich off a Woman’s Right to Choose. The ministry has also released two videos, “The Light of Life” and “Abortion Techniques.”



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 <p>Blood Money</p>

Blood Money


 “Carol’s presentation was fabulous!  The information she shared was new, and frankly shocking, for many of our supporters.  However, she brought a strong sense of hope in Christ and the encouragement that we can be a part of a solution! Carol’s appeal was the best we’ve had in 22 years of Banquets!  She was direct and specific, but she did not sound heavy handed or manipulative.  Her skillful use of humor helped a lot.  This year’s total is significantly more than last year!”
-Judy Phelps, Care Net Pregnancy Center of Ellensburg

“Carol was one of the best speakers we have had for Sanctity of Life Sunday, Made a great impact on our congregation. Highly recommend for any organization or church interested in the sanctity of life.”
-Grace Brethren Church, OH

"I cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoyed having Carol Everett! She is so knowledgeable about the abortion industry and her testimony is so very compelling – full of heart-wrenching truth and evidence of God’s redeeming grace. The audience hung on every word!  Her story was instrumental at tugging at the heartstrings of those in attendance and helping them grasp the urgency of the work we do! We reached and exceeded our fundraising goal!"
-Lisa Hogan, Sav-A-Life, Inc.

"Carol is wonderful and a gifted speaker! She is also a great resource and freely shared wisdom, knowledge and experience with us.  She was well received by all and I would have loved to spent more time with her. Her appeal was amazing as she drew from our statistics, the reality of what is needed and her wealth of experience."
-Dee Spooner, Coast Pregnancy Clinic

"We thoroughly enjoyed having Carol Everett! What a humble, Godly lady! Our guests really had their eyes opened. They said that she "Knocked it out of the ballpark!" Folks are still approaching me to talk about what she had to share! And God used her message to help us surpass our audacious goal!"
-Care Net Pregnancy Services of Knox County