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Hartford, CT


- Board-certified Internist


John R. Diggs, Jr., MD is a board-certified Internist who has put his medical training and 15-plus years of clinical experience to work in developing a series of messages advocating the sanctity of human life and the proven benefits of sexual restraint. His central theme: Overwhelming scientific evidence supports the inherently reasonable and, at one time, universally held belief that sex belongs exclusively inside marriage.

The costs of sexual libertinism are much higher than the well-publicized devastation of the AIDS epidemic. Using the research skills and clinical expertise of a seasoned physician, Dr. Diggs exposes the real-world effects of sexual permissiveness through a message that is logical, consistent, coherent and inspiring. It leads lay persons and professionals to seek the best in themselves and their children. Parents are energized to fulfill their primary role in the education of their children. Teachers are relieved to discover their limited responsibilities in the area of sex education and their larger duty to honor the moral and ethical prerogatives of parents. Civic leaders are encouraged to find that their gut-instincts about the importance of civic virtue actually coincide with the most up-to-date findings in medicine. Businessmen learn of the costly effects of sexual immorality on the lives of their employees and on businesses themselves. Doctors have even commented that they will change their manner of practicing medicine because of the information that is presented by Dr. Diggs.

Whether they are received by medical professionals, church audiences, civic associations or corporate communities, Dr. Diggs’s presentations lead listeners to greater respect for one another and for the power of the human sexual faculty, correctly channeled. Consequently, listeners gain new clarity and hope regarding problems ranging from adolescent pregnancy to sexual addiction, pornography and male-female relations in the workplace. The quick wit and humor that Dr. Diggs injects in his presentations does not blur the bright line of truth that courses through the message.

In addition to a appearing before a variety of professional conferences, churches, high school and collegiate audiences, Dr. Diggs has published numerous essays and articles for local and national print media. He has appeared on more than 100 local and national radio programs -- including the “Dr. Laura” Schlessinger show -- and television venues such as MSNBC, national Fox News and “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Dr. Diggs has been married for more than a decade and is the beaming father of 3 children.