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Heart-gripping … Breath-taking … He made us laugh and cry at the same time! These are the comments made about Doug Herman. Sharing the loss of his wife and daughter to AIDS contracted from a blood transfusion, adults and students sit motionless. “They didn’t have a choice – but you do,” he says. His contagious passion shared from schools, banquets, and conferences has moved audiences of all background to action. But he doesn’t stop there! His animation and zeal when sharing scripture bring thousands to re-engage their faith in Christ and serve one another. It is truly “spiritual edu-tainment!”


Doug Herman is an international speaker and author who has spent over 20 years in youth and family work. Not only has he been a youth pastor at small country churches as well as one of the nation’s largest multi-cultural churches, but also his involvement as a high school coach and substitute teacher has aided his effectiveness in the high school assembly programs he conducts nationally every year. Having lost a wife and daughter to AIDS while a minister, Doug has emerged from this tragedy strong and true. He was a co-founder of the Community Advisory Board of The Children’s Hospital of Denver for the CHIP Program – Children’s Hospital HIV Program.

He has been seen and heard on over 200 various national radio and television programs. His latest books, Time for a Pure Revolution (adults) and Come Clean (teens) are published by Tyndale House (2004). Doug has also written What Good Is God? Finding Faith and Hope in Troubled Times (Baker Books, September 2002.) Baker released his second book FaithQuake: Rebuilding Your Faith after Tragedy Strikes (Baker Books, January 2003). He has published articles in Leadership Journal, Youthworker, Living With Teenagers, and ParentLife.

Doug has conducted well over 2000 school assemblies since 1991 and currently speaks to teens and adults about character development, sexual abstinence, and spiritual passion. He is a co-founder and executive committee member of CCARE (Colorado Council for Abstinence and Relationship Education) and a founder of the NFAE (National Federation for Abstinence Education).

Now remarried to Stephanie, Doug enjoys balancing scuba diving, golf, and salsa dancing with his activities as father to Josh, Bri, and Luc.


“Like few pastors I’ve known, Doug has learned and grown from the toughest of life’s lessons. He shares the experiences of loss and triumph in a writing style that is as approachable as he is. Doug has a theological understanding that probes deeper than many ministers’ because he’s been through the fire. I recommend you journey with Doug.”
Philip Yancey, author

"I am a freshman at Colorado State University. Last year I was a student at Bear Creek High School when you came to talk to us before prom. The presentation you gave has impacted my life in such a huge way. Your presentation is the number one reason I am still a virgin."

"When it comes to pain, grief and its subsequent faith testing, those truly qualified to counsel are those who’ve endured tough trials themselves. Doug Herman’s first-hand encounter with a seemingly-silent God in the face of near insurmountable grief gives honesty and insight like few others."
Steve Arterburn

"Doug identifies the struggle that I have had holding on to my faith in the face of painful experience. Most importantly Doug encourages me to trust God when I don’t feel like it, when I can’t find hope, and there are no explanations to relieve my pain."
Bryan Duncan

"I met you at Kingdom Bound. I think of you often because of the influence you had on my spiritual life. Listening to you speak changed the way I view my purpose. It gave me insight how to deepen my relationship with Jesus, my role model and best friend. Thank you!"

"God has blessed you, Doug, with a dimension of wisdom and understanding that only the events of your life could produce. My wife and I personally attended each of your sessions and would wholeheartedly recommend them."
Clint Heigh, Superintendent of the Canadian Pacific District of the Evangelical Free Church