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- Author of Honest to God


Passionate, intense, authentic, and relevant are all ways that Josh could be described, but the best description might be that Josh is ordinary. He is an ordinary man that God has chosen to use in extraordinary ways.

Since his teenage years, Josh has been able to speak to thousands, but not because of his own talent or some amazing life story. He is merely a young man that God continually uses as a mouthpiece to youth. Joshs laser-like passion for the cross and Christ beams from every part of his life as he strives to present the truth to his generation in order to help them find a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

In the first year of Joshs traveling ministry he was able to speak on opening night of DCLA 2000. That summer he also spoke at Creation Festival east and west, as well as Spirit West Coast. In the midst of many other speaking engagements he serves as the leader for Revival Generation, a student-led ministry, and has held over six evangelistic events around the country.

In prior years, as Josh finished high school and lead Revival Generation, he helped other students start prayer groups on their campus. In was during his junior year in 1999 that the tragedy at Columbine occurred just four miles from Joshs high school. Because of the ministry Josh was involved in in Littleton, he became very involved in the aftermath of the shooting. That year he was able to present the gospel in over 40 media appearances around the world including NBC, ABC, CBS, Germany TV and Focus on the Family. All this made it clear that God was using Josh to make Christ known among his generation.

Since then, Josh has continued to speak across the nation. He has spoken with different ministries such as Reach Out, First Priority, Youth for Christ, and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He has been blessed with the opportunity to be the main stage speaker for events such as Louisiana Baptist Convention youth conference, Wisconsin and Indiana United Methodist youth gatherings, YFC chapter conferences, and many more. Josh has spoken to parents of teens as well as youth workers and, in addition to his speaking, currently attends Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

In 2005, Josh released his first book entitled, “Dad, If You Only Knew…” published by Multnomah Publishers. He is also the host of a radio commentary called Honest To God Radio. Josh is heard in the greater Chicagoland area on the Moody Broadcasting Network and on the internet through the Honest To God Radio podcast.

When Josh steps on stage, or speaks on the radio, it is clear that his life and words are in total abandonment to Christ. Whether it be at a weeklong camp, a three-day conference, or a one-night event, Josh is always passionate in his sharing from Gods word. He teaches authentically and applies the Bible relevantly. His intense focus on the cross casts the vision to the audience that they too can live to know God through Christ.

The way God is using Josh is truly extraordinary.



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Honest to God


 <p>Dad, If You Only Knew...</p>

Dad, If You Only Knew...

 <p>Honest to God</p>

Honest to God


"Josh Weidmann is an outstanding and authentic communicator of God's word. He preaches around the country and is on the preaching team of a large and vibrant church. He is young, creative, and engaging. Most importantly, Josh is the real deal. He is a blessing from God in my life, and he will be in yours as well."
-Mike Romberger, Senior Pastor, Mission Hills Church

"With a deeply pastoral heart, Weidmann dares you to be honest. Showing how honesty is at the heart of true growth, and digging into all the ways we seek to hide and cover, he casts a vision for true authenticity in the midst of grace."
-Kyle Strobel, PhD, Author and Co-Founder of Metamorpha

"Not only is Josh Weidmann a world-class evangelist, but also a passionate writer and a born storyteller who spurs his readers to greater depths of devotion and commitment to God. In Honest to God, he combines biblical, personal, and pastoral insight with a desperately needed message of transformation through honesty."
-Beniamin Pascut, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge

"When it comes to camp speakers, I am very picky about who I allow on stage in front of our teenagers. I don’t just want someone who is a professional speaker. I want someone who truly believes in what they are sharing and is striving to grow in their relationship with Christ. I want someone who actually uses the Bible when they are speaking rather than just referring to it casually. I want someone who connects with teenagers outside of the speaking times and is willing to invest in them during meal times, free times, and every other time that a teenager is willing to talk. I don’t apologize for my high standards because I know what is at stake when working with teens. If you are like me, and want a speaker who meets these things and more, then look no further than Josh Weidmann. You won’t be disappointed. And, just like us, you will bring him back to speak again."
-Matt Kaiser, Discipleship Pastor, Crossover Church