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Nashville, TN

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- Mother from Lifetime TV's Hit Show 'Preachers' Daughters'
- Author of They Lied to Us


It’s no doubt Victoria Robinson, the proud mother of the “Preachers’ Daughters” is the solid rock of the family. Life can get hectic, in between hosting a radio show, heading up two pregnancy centers, and raising four daughters, plus, taking the much needed “me” time.

Victoria has been speaking at pregnancy center fundraising banquets, churches and women's conferences around the world, where she shares about her experiences. With her no-holds barred approach and genuine personality, her messages are humorous, thought provoking and powerful.


Victoria is and has been a Pregnancy Center Director and National Public Speaker for over 12 years. She shares the story of her 25 year old daughter, Tawni, who was scheduled to be aborted, but survived. Tawni also accompanies Victoria on her pregnancy speaking tours and shares how that has affected her own life. It is a heart-wrenching story that will touch the hearts of everyone. Victoria is the author of, They Lied to Us, now in its 4th print. The book is a collection of stories from women who chose abortion. She is passionate about raising funds for pregnancy centers and has a true heart for the cause. She credits a pregnancy center for her own healing from post abortion stress. Victoria is convinced that pregnancy centers play an important role in God bringing healing to millions of women who are suffering from their decision to have an abortion.



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Pro-Life Testimony

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 <p>They Lied to Us</p>

They Lied to Us


"...what a beautiful job Victoria and Tawni did at our Banquet on November 13. Victoria is bold in her testimony, and very approachable and real. Our people loved her and gave generously after Victoria’s appeal to help our ministry. I felt it was important to tell you that we raised the 2nd most amount ever in our 21 years of service. We are very excited about the coming year!
-Tammy Williamson 

"Thank you so much for sharing your testimony! You truly did an amazing job. ALL of the feedback we have gotten has been how much everyone loved and was so touched by what you said. So many people of different backgrounds were there and each one has shared different aspects of what your talk meant to them. Just wanted to let you know we raised $95,000. WOW! We are blown away! And totally overwhelmed by such a great night!" 
-Life Choices of Monroe

"This year we wanted someone who was bold and unafraid to speak the truth about abortion and the impact it has on women and families. Victoria was our lady for that job. If you want to have a speaker that people will remember and will help re-stir the passion for the cause in which they came out to support, then Victoria is your speaker. Not only is her story so impactful, but she also gives you a glimpse into the pain of someone affected by abortion and stirs you with such compassion for these women. I promise your Donors will walk away on fire for the cause they support and a yearning to do more."
-Becca Gramuglia, Dearborn County Crisis Pregnancy Center