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Raleigh/Durham, NC


- Pro-Life Speaker, Christian Film Maker
- Founder of Abba Media Group


It was in the late summer of 2001 that Henry and Elizabeth learned they were going to have a baby. Soon after, they learned that their son would be born with Spina Bifida - a neurological condition that would involve the incomplete development of his spinal cord. As the doctors laid out all of the medical implications, including the probability that Pierce would never walk, Henry and Elizabeth were offered the option of terminating their pregnancy. They rejected the abortion route, however, and decided to trust God with their child’s unknown circumstances in what Henry described as an almost “numb faith.”

“William Pierce” was soon decided on for their son’s name. Both of the names “William”and “Pierce” came from Henry and Elizabeth’s families, but it wasn’t until several months later that they learned the true meaning and supporting scripture behind each name. “The fact that both scriptures referred to walking,” Elizabeth recalls, “just blew us away.” From that moment on, God gently reminded Henry and Elizabeth that He had a plan for Pierce’s life. Regardless of whether he ever walks or not, God has created Pierce for a purpose.

That purpose has forever changed the direction of Henry’s life. In addition to sharing his story with “pregnancy centers” and churches across the country, he has also worked in production on two Christian films, and plans to produce God honoring movies and media that promote life. He created Abba Media Group in early 2010 for the purpose of producing quality media for pregnancy centers in order to promote their services. His pregnancy center videos were produced as mini-documentaries and focused on the stories of actual clients. The screen play for Henry’s current film project, Rock Star Parking, was a semi-finalist in the Kairos Screenwriters Competition for Spiritually Uplifting Films in 2014. As Henry so bluntly puts it, “If we had ended Pierce’s life through abortion - not only would we have denied God the opportunity to fulfill His purpose for Pierce - but our own lives as well.

As the story goes, Pierce turned 11 years old on April 16, 2013. His life and story thus far is quite simply to illustrate that God has a plan and purpose for our lives. That, despite rough times and unpredictable circumstances...God loves us, has a plan for us, and you can trust Him. “And if God can use the life of a [child] who can’t walk to further His kingdom and save lives,” says Henry, “then surely he has a plan for me too.”

While drawing his audience into the raw and revealing circumstances of his family’s life, Henry uses humor to passionately challenge his audience to LIVE! You’ll laugh and cry as Henry walks you through Pierce’s remarkable journey full of trials and “unknowns” that continue to this day, but you’ll leave inspired with a fresh and new perspective on life.



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"I’ve had all the top recognizable names speak at my banquet, but we made the most with Henry raising over $105,000!!! Henry not only had a very powerful pro-life message, but was the first speaker I’ve seen who effectively tied his story back into the appeal!"
-Donna Vellenga - Executive Director, Manasota SOLVE Maternity Homes

“Thank you, once again, for coming and speaking at our Banquet. You did such an amazing job that people are still calling me to share how much they loved you! I wanted to give you the total from that night. Are you ready for this? $57,120.00!!!! I am stunned and amazed by God's work through you! We have never raised over $38,000.00 before so it is just mind blowing to us that we raised that! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! May God continue to bless you and bless others through you!”
-The Pregnancy Resource Center, KY

“Henry Jernigan quickly moved us from tears to laughter during his heartwarming message about putting life into perspective. The audience was hanging on his every word as we had the best banquet we have had in our 16 years of existence. God used Henry in a powerful way.”
-Laurie Jones - Executive Director, Abigail Ministries

“Henry Jernigan was great! He touched the hearts of our people with the story of his little boy and what God has taught all of them through Pierce’s life. What a blessing! Henry is easy to host and just a great down-to-earth guy. His humility mixed with a great sense of humor was just the right combination. Thanks so much.”
-Nancy Garrison – Executive Director, South Central P.C.C. 

“Everyone loved Henry! His humility and passion for Pierce as well as what pregnancy centers do was simply and powerfully portrayed in his testimony. God was glorified AND we brought in more than ever! ‘Day of’ numbers were almost $20,000 more than previous years.”
-Pat Kelly, Todays' Choice PC