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Raleigh/Durham, NC


- Pro-Life Speaker, Christian Film Maker
- Son has Spina Bifida
- Founder of Abba Media Group


Henry is a highly regarded pro-life speaker who has worked professionally in film, TV, radio, and theater.  His messages combine humor and real life circumstances to enlighten communities about the amazing work of their local pregnancy center motivating them to get involved.

Dubbed as one of the “best speakers you’ve never heard of,” Henry effectively communicates that God has a plan and purpose for every life...regardless of circumstances.

In addition to speaking across the country, Henry is carving a pro-life niche in the growing Christian film industry.  He is the writer/director of Rock Star Parking, a powerful film recently selected as a Kairos Prize Semi-Finalist for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays.  Rock Star Parking will be the first feature film ever to highlight the work of pregnancy centers within its storyline.  For more information, go to

Soon after learning they were pregnant with their first child, Henry & Elizabeth learned that their son would be born with Spina Bifida - a neurological condition that would involve the incomplete development of his spinal cord. As the doctors laid out all of the medical implications, including the probability that Pierce would never walk, Henry and Elizabeth were offered the option of terminating their pregnancy. They rejected the abortion route, however, and decided to trust God with their child’s unknown circumstances in what Henry described as an almost 'numb faith'. As Henry so bluntly puts it, “If we had ended Pierce’s life through abortion - not only would we have denied God the opportunity to fulfill His purpose for Pierce - but for our own lives as well."

As the story goes, Pierce is 14 years old as of April 16, 2016. His life and story thus far is quite simply to illustrate that God has a plan and purpose for our lives. That, despite rough times and unpredictable circumstances...God loves us, has a plan for us, and you can trust Him. “And if God can use the life of a [child] who can’t walk to further His kingdom and save lives,” says Henry, “then surely he has a plan for me too.”



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 "We were able to raise more funds this year with 121 fewer attendees because Henry's message was right on point.  His sincerity and authenticity make him very likable which allowed our donors to connect with him and his story."
-Mandy Fleming, First Choice Clinic

“I would highly recommend Henry Jernigan! We have gotten nothing but positive feedback from his presentation.  The delivery of his presentation is great and our guests responded very well to his appeal.  We asked him to do a duel appeal where he mentioned giving the night of the event, and then asked attendees to pray about making a monthly pledge as well.  He captivated our audience and the giving per table was higher than in previous years.  Henry is very kind and humble, yet his message is very pointed and direct and sprinkled with just the right amount of humor.”

-Ramona Ash, Living Hope Pregnancy Center

"I’ve had all the top recognizable names speak at my banquet, but we made the most with Henry raising over $105,000!!! Henry not only had a very powerful pro-life message, but was the first speaker I’ve seen who effectively tied his story back into the appeal!"
-Donna Vellenga, Manasota SOLVE Maternity Homes

“Henry Jernigan quickly moved us from tears to laughter during his heartwarming message about putting life into perspective. The audience was hanging on his every word as we had the best banquet we have had in our 16 years of existence. God used Henry in a powerful way.”
-Laurie Jones, Abigail Ministries

“Henry Jernigan was great! He touched the hearts of our people with the story of his little boy and what God has taught all of them through Pierce’s life. What a blessing! Henry is easy to host and just a great down-to-earth guy. His humility mixed with a great sense of humor was just the right combination. Thanks so much.”
-Nancy Garrison, South Central Pregnancy Care Center 

“Everyone loved Henry! His humility and passion for Pierce as well as what pregnancy centers do was simply and powerfully portrayed in his testimony. God was glorified AND we brought in more than ever! ‘Day of’ numbers were almost $20,000 more than previous years.”
-Pat Kelly, Today's Choice Pregnancy Center