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Former Air Force General & Adviser to Saddam Hussein

Georges Sada graduated from Iraq’s Air Academy in 1959 and was trained by elite forces in Great Britain, Russia and the U.S. An ace fighter pilot who trained other pilots, he went on to become air vice marshal in Saddam Hussein’s military. His acts of bravery, including saving the lives of forty downed coalition pilots in the Gulf War, have earned him hero status.

Georges Sada was born into an Assyrian Christian family in northern Iraq and became a born-again believer in 1986. Georges had great favor with the former Iraqi dictator, as he is one of the few Iraqi men to ever publicly confront Saddam Hussein and live to tell about it. Georges believes a key reason why he served as one of Saddam’s most trusted advisors was to persuade him against attacking the nation of Israel with chemical weapons, something Saddam attempted to do on two separate occasions.

Now retired, Georges is director of the Iraqi Institute for Peace and also serves as spokesman for the newly elected prime minister of Iraq. He is also the president of the National Presbyterian Church in Baghdad and chairman of the Assembly of Iraqi Evangelical Presbyterian Churches.

In recent years, Georges held the position of principal advisor to the former Iraqi Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi. Additionally, he acted as the lead consultant for the reconstruction of all three branches of the Iraqi defense system. In June of 2003, Georges received the prestigious International Prize for Peace and Reconciliation presented by the Bishop of Coventry, England.

Georges Sada is the author of the book, Saddam’s Secrets, an expose on Iraq’s weapons programs and the murderous reign of Saddam Hussein.

What others are saying…

General Sada was rated the #1 speaker out of 35 by the student attendees at the 2006 National Conservative Student Conference. I recommend General Sada’s dynamic, powerful speech and unique message to any organization interested in advancing the cause of freedom.
Roger Custer, Conference Director, Young America’s Foundation

I came to the event with high expectations. But General Georges Sada far exceeded even my very high expectations. He wasnt merely "good" or even "great." He was superb. His command of English was exceptional. His comments were straightforward and compelling. His grasp of the topic was riveting.

I terminated the evening at the "2 hour mark" since he had been up since 4am our time - flying across the country. However, people really wanted to hear more - and would have stayed. And even then, General Sada insisted on staying and greeting all who stood in line - for over one hour! He is one of the finest speakers we have ever had.
Jim Garlow, Senior Pastor, Skyline Wesleyan Church, San Diego, CA