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College Station, TX


- Former Abortionist
- Pro-Life Speaker


Inner city Los Angeles, California was the place of Dr. Haywood Robinson’s birth and rearing. His home was a Christian one and weekly church attendance was routine until he entered college. At the age of 5 he shared with his mother that he wanted to become a doctor; That calling never waned. After high school graduation, he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the California Institute of Technology, followed by a Medical Doctor degree at the University of California at Irvine, and finally a family practice residency at Martin Luther King/ Charles R. Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles, only a few miles from where he grew up.

During his residency, he received abortion training while on the obstetrics and gynecology service. Discussion regarding the ethics of these procedures or instruction regarding alternatives was not part of the training. Personally, he gave the matter almost no serious thought. Performing abortion requires so little effort, everyone was doing it, and they didn’t seem to have a problem with it,... so why should he? If he “rocked the boat” his evaluation could suffer. His experience on the obstetrics and gynecology service provided the opportunity for him to meet a lovely lady by the name of Noreen, who later would become his wife. As their relationship progressed, “moonlighting” together in abortion clinics was commonplace. Money became a mutual motivator, especially since the pay was substantial and it was quite evident how their abortion training could be profitable.

Physicians are handsomely rewarded for each abortion and they attempted to perform as many as possible on a given day. This newfound money elevated their lifestyle, and they would soon become addicted and “in bondage” to the extent where money was their master and motivator. They were blind to the fact that it was blood-money. He and Noreen were married after completing their residency programs and moved to Texas where almost five years later at a Leon Patillo concert, the Lord Jesus Christ saved him. A month or so later, Noreen rededicated her life to Christ. Within a few weeks after being saved the Holy Spirit’s power of conviction gripped them mightily regarding their past as abortionists. Having the “mind of Christ” and the illumination of God’s word clearly exposed the living lie they led as hired killers of preborn children.

Money is a powerful weapon in the arsenal that is used to seduce and sustain a person in deception. They are so grateful to have eternal life in Christ Jesus. They’re thankful they weren’t convinced by intellectual arguments to discontinue performing abortion, making them only be former abortionists, going to hell. By God’s grace, He has directed them into pro-life ministry. They are reminded of the Saul/Paul conversion: “once persecutors and killers” of preborn children, now transformed by God to fight this battle against death on behalf of His children.


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Dr. Robinson at WI Pro-Life Rally

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