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Don Teague has a familiar face. From Hurricane Katrina to Baghdad to Fort Hood to last week’s major headlines, you often see him reporting for CBS Evening News, The Early Show and CBS Sunday Morning. This week, you will see him on Hannity, CBS Early Show and CNN in a different capacity – being the interviewee as the story unfolds of the new book, Saved By Her Enemy.

Saved by Her Enemy is the inspiring, true story of a young Iraqi woman, Rafraf Barrak, and her unlikely friendship with Don Teague, war correspondent, and the fascinating transition as she found herself living in the American South. When Don and Rafraf share this amazing story, people make a decision for Christ.

“Memoirs are popular now in the publishing world, perhaps because of the narcissistic nature of our society, where everyone is looking to be famous from reality shows and Facebook and Twitter. [In Saved By Her Enemy] Mr. Teague, however, has written a memoir that is almost completely lacking in ego (a rare virtue among network TV correspondents). Mr. Teague's recognizable face is not on the book cover, and his co-author is listed as Rafraf Barrak.

Mr. Teague's humility further shines as he repeatedly tells the reader that he is not Miss Barrak's savior, but he is part of a larger body carrying out God's purpose. He and his wife "agreed that our responsibility toward Rafraf was to help her. That was what we believed God had called us to do. By loving her, we would demonstrate God's love and, in that way, try to be the best examples of Christians we could be." - Emily Miller for Washington Times. Ms Miller was press secretary to former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and former House Majority Whip Tom DeLay. She is a public affairs consultant in Washington.

"Don and Rafraf were a class act. They were very easy to work with and gave a talk that fit perfectly with our group and audience. Their story is amazing and they were able to connect with and engage the audience. Many people had questions afterwards and everyone was able to take something away from the event. Great speakers!" Tim Feng - CNY Crossroads, Syracuse, NY

General Bio:
Don Teague is an Emmy Award winning journalist and author. He is currently a correspondent for CBS News, appearing regularly on The CBS Evening News, The Early Show, and Sunday Morning.

Don worked as an NBC News correspondent from 2002 until 2009. While working for NBC News, he covered stories as varied as the war in Iraq, hurricane Katrina, and the seizure of children from a polygamist ranch in Texas.

Since joining CBS News in 2009, Don has covered major stories including the mass shooting of soldiers at Fort Hood,Texas. Don has extensive military experience, having served as a Captain in the Army Reserve and National Guard and logging nearly a thousand hours of military and civilian helicopter pilot time.

He holds a Master of Science in international studies from
Troy State University and a Bachelor of Arts in broadcast journalism from San Diego State University.

Don lives in Texas with his wife Kiki, two teenaged daughters, four horses, three dogs, and a donkey.

His first book, Saved by Her Enemy will be published by Simon and Schuster/Howard Books in March, 2010.



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Saved By Her Enemy

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Saved By Her Enemy