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Seattle, WA


- Education & Women's Speaker
- Founder of AppLe St. (Applied Learning Styles)
- Author of "A Woman of Strength and Purpose"


Cynthia Ulrich Tobias is Founder, Manager and CEO of Apple St. (Applied Learning Styles).  She is an author and speaker, known throughout the United States and internationally for her entertaining, practical and life-changing presentations. Cynthia is a popular presenter at workshops, classes and seminars for business, government agencies, churches and school districts throughout the U.S. and the world including: The Walt Disney Company, Marine Corp Civilian Police, Focus on the Family, GlaxoSmithKline, World Vision, Los Angeles Police Department, Salvation Army, and many others. She is the best-selling author of 13 books including: You Can’t Make Me (But I Can be Persuaded), The Way They Learn, The Way We Work, Every Child Can Succeed, Middle School: The Inside Story, and I Hate School: How to Help Your Child Love Learning. 

Cynthia earned her Bachelor of Arts in Education from Northwest Nazarene University and followed with her Master of Education degree from Seattle Pacific University.  Her successful background includes over twenty-eight years of private practice and business ownership, eight years of teaching in public high school, six years in law enforcement, and raising her twin sons.


What Women Are Saying About Cynthia's Strong Willed Women & Those Who Love Them Seminar:

  • "I like the term “strong will” in conjunction with women in the church/Christian women.  How freeing that we can know that our design can be mightily used of God…and it is a gift!"  --Glennis
  • "This was an excellent event!  Such a great combination of humor and thought-provoking content.  I had a great time hearing you speak and connecting with other strong-willed women.  It was such a relief to connect with other strong-willed women to further normalize my strong will while helping me see new ways to surrender my strong will to God.  Can’t wait to see where God takes this!"  --Megan
  • "Thank you so much for coming today.  Although I don’t consider myself a strong willed woman, I have a daughter who is and it helped me so much!"   --Christina 



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You Can't Make Me

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Learning Styles

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Middle School: Brain Development

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Not Your Ordinary Women's Event


 <p>A Woman of Strength and Purpose</p>

A Woman of Strength and Purpose

 <p>The Way They Learn</p>

The Way They Learn

 <p>Every Child Can Succeed</p>

Every Child Can Succeed

 <p>You Can't Make Me</p>

You Can't Make Me

 <p>Middle School: The Inside Story</p>

Middle School: The Inside Story

 <p>I Hate School</p>

I Hate School

 <p>The Way We Work</p>

The Way We Work


"I never had so many wonderful comments and compliments about any of our speakers as I had about Cynthia. I am still laughing today when I think of some of the things she said. All board members were receiving the same compliments--it was wonderful!  I do not think I will be able to top her--that will be impossible."
-Carole Peterson, Friends of Weatherford Library

"May I just say [Cynthia] was incredible!?  Easy to relate to, to listen to, to find “take-aways” in her words, ideas, methods, and the anatomy of her presentations. She was an excellent speaker and teacher—thank you so much for bringing her to the conference! I am very happy to have purchased one of her books and to have the handouts she provided about two more of her books. They will be excellent resources to have, not just as a teacher, but as a person."
– Dr. Greg Wiles, Ed. D., Executive Director, Idaho Middle Level Association

“Cynthia Tobias presents the kind of workshop that teachers walk away from feeling they have truly been helped. After only a few minutes, it is obvious that Cynthia knows of what she speaks.”
-Hillier School, TX

“Cynthia was amazing. She has a gift of getting across to her audience in a most interesting and entertaining manner with very practical guidelines and suggestions. Cynthia was well received by teachers, parents and pupils and was able to hold teenagers attention in very hot and humid conditions, not an easy task in normal conditions. We will have Cynthia back again.”
- Gonubie Methodist Church, South Africa

"Cynthia is a speaker who has examined the research on learning styles and explains it in an entertaining and motivational presentation. She helped us to better understand ourselves and our students so we could improve the learning atmosphere in our classes. Get ready for a day of laughter."
- Credo Christian High School, British Columbia