Pro-Life Speaker & Fundraiser; Pro-Life Apologetics Expert

Dr. Marc Newman is president of Speaker for Life, a training firm dedicated to equipping pro-life advocates with public speaking skills, located in Southern California. He is considered to be one of the top pro-life speaker trainers in the nation and is in demand as a fundraising banquet keynoter. Whether you choose his signature banquet address aimed squarely at men, “Heroes,” or one of his four other banquet presentations, your audience will laugh, be entertained, educated, and shepherded toward the decision to become champions for your pregnancy center or pro-life organization.

His trainees include: regional trainers and directors of CareNet and Heartbeat affiliated pregnancy centers, National Right to Life affiliates, Presbyterians Pro-Life, American Life League, Eternal Perspectives Ministries, Respect Life, Feminists for Life, Operation Rescue, regional and center directors of Birthright, Concerned Women for America, Americans United for Life, Texans United For Life, Project Rachel, and numerous independent pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations nationwide.

He is the former Director of Speech and Debate at the University of California at Irvine, and recently retired from teaching in the doctoral program in the School of Communication and the Arts at Regent University. He has trained speakers in the public and private sectors for over 30 years. He is a founding faculty member of the new Applied Bioethics program at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

Marc has been a featured speaker at the CareNet National Conference, Heartbeat International Convention, the National Right to Life Convention, Focus on the Family Crisis Pregnancy Center Directors’ Conference, the California Pro-Life Council Statewide Convention, the WELS Lutherans for Life Leaders’ Training Seminar, the Tennessee Right to Life Leadership Conference, and the Birthright So-Cal Conference.

Marc holds a license to preach from the First Baptist Church of Gonzales, Louisiana in the Southern Baptist Convention.

In addition to his pro-life pursuits, Marc gives humorous and insightful presentations on the power of persuasion, both spoken and in the mass media, at national conventions, churches, and for community service organizations. He also heads – a site that helps Christians use movies to reach out to others with the Gospel. In that capacity he has appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and has been cited in Time magazine as well as other international, national, and regional publications. He lives in Vista, CA with his wife, Sharon, and their youngest son, Joel.

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Four Different Banquet Presentations To Meet Your Needs:

Everyone wants to be a hero, but we have lost our ability to see the heroic moment, and if we do, we are unprepared to respond. Marc aims this message at men, challenging them to step up, protect the unborn, and reclaim their position as fearless defenders of the weak and oppressed.

Based on one of C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters; a counter-strike by the enemy has weakened our resolve. Engage! is a call to know the truth about abortion, recognize our God-empowered ability to overcome evil, and transform belief into action by partnering with your center or clinic.

Have a special anniversary coming up? Marc helps your audience celebrate your achievement, but it's no time to rest. The battle still before us is long and hard. The lives of unborn children are still at stake. Marc brings God's command to endure and challenges your audience to join you in fighting the good fight.

Marc explains how a postmodern mindset is warping our morality, leading people into the abortion trap. He exposes the myths we believe, and how the Church is not immune. Finally, he boldly demonstrates how Pregnancy Counseling Centers are the best antidote to the poison of postmodern thought.